There are so many pre-scheduled days of the year like the chocolate day, the recently gone Valentine ’s Day even the upcoming Women’s day and amongst all these days Amazon wants to add another day in the schedule; the Amazon Day.  Perks of being a Prime member, Amazon will now allow its prime members to choose a date of delivery for their orders marking it to be the Amazon Day.

A feature that allows its Prime members to choose a day on which all of your orders made over the past week is to be delivered in all at once. This new feature could persuade customers who place multiple orders a week to receive them all together. The company said that it could reduce the number of shipping and also the number of stops Amazon makes during the delivery.

The new option is the latest feature of the ongoing efforts by the online market that is meant to make the delivery process much smoother, said Jefferies analyst Brent Thill. He also about the Amazon Key, which was released more than a year ago and came with a security camera and door lock.

To make use of Amazon’s new option, first, you need to select the Amazon Day option at check out on your next purchase. Once you get it, now choose what day of the week you want all of your deliveries to arrive. By doing this Amazon will stack up all of the orders for your selected day and will bring them to your door in a single trip. And even you can even take your future orders on your Amazon Day henceforth if you choose that option.

This new option by Amazon is available only for the Prime members who are based in the United States. So if you are from any other part of the world, you need to wait until the option is rolled out.

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