PlayStation has plans to ‘drop’ by PS players some new games and new seasons, which have been slated to release on March 5 (unless stated otherwise), as per the post on the official PlayStation.Blog dated March 1. The following list states the 22 games to come into PlayStation next week:

1. Crash Dummy: Available on PS4 – Digital from March 4 onwards, players will have to burn, jump, freeze and blast their way onto each successive levels along with ninja action wall-runs in this story-driven 2D platform game containing a “unique set of endearing characters.”

2. Doom & Destiny: Available on PS4 – Digital from March 4 onwards, this “flying-spaghetti fantasy adventure” game will have players going on a rollercoaster ride of unpredictability, parodies and cameos so as to defeat a ludicrous villain.

3. Summer Funland: Available on PS VR from March 7 onwards, this VR game includes “A crazy rollercoaster, hilarious mini-games, an incredibly fast-paced motorcycle ride through Gotham, underwater voyage and space trip.”

4. Verti-Go Home!: Available on PS VR – Digital from March 8 onwards, this VR adventure game is set in a ‘90s space western universe where the player has to steer with their head.

5. Devil May Cry 5: Capcom’s long-running over-the-top action series, where the threat of otherworldly demonic power has to be countered, is the newest entry in the high-octane action franchise thanks to Capcom’s RE engine. There are 3 characters which gamers can choose among to play as – Dante, Nero and the mysterious newcomer V. Players can now also ride around on a rocket arm. Available on PS4 – Digital, Retail, the new season releases on March 8.

6. Attack of the Earthlings: Available on PS4 – Digital, this single-player game enables players to defend the homeworld against the invading humans through turn-based combat and stealth.

7. Beat Cop: This retro, pixel art style adventure game is inspired by ‘80s cop shows, and is available on PS4 – Digital.

8. Bonds of the Skies: Available on PS4, PS Vita – Digital (Cross-Buy), the fantasy RPG focuses on the friendship between humans and gods, where Eil and the Air Grimoa, Nogard, enter a pact and set off to find the demon who destroyed their town.

9. Caretaker: Available on PS4 – Digital, the game is described as “an immersive first-person horror experience” where the player would be an investigative journalist “hungry” for a gaudy news piece and would set off to investigate an insane caretaker in an industrial facility.

10. Crimson Keep: Available on PS4 – Digital, players have to escape from this ancient castle named Crimson Keep, an “ever-changing labyrinth full of monsters, traps, and treasure,” by discovering the secrets of the ruins of the castle and unearthing great powers to finish off the evil.

11. Eternity: The Last Unicorn – Available in PS4 Digital, this full-featured action RPG has been inspired by Norse Mythology, and players have to travel, meet new fantasy characters and fight to protect Elven immortality.

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12. Ghoulboy: Dark Sword of Goblin – Available on PS4, PS Vita – Digital (Cross-Buy), this retro-inspired style action game combines the genres of action-RPG and hack ‘n’ slash gameplay, where players have to slay monsters and menacing characters.

13. I and Me: This puzzle platformer will be available on PS4, PS Vita – Digital (Cross-Buy) where players have to simultaneously control and coordinate two cats performing the same action to complete the adventure.

14. Left Alive: Available on PS4 – Digital, Retail, players can “Experience the massive power gap between man and machine” within this story of human survival in an apocalyptic setting of war-torn Novo Slava in the year 2127.

15. Move or Die: Available on PS4 – Digital, this four-player local and online party game changes its mechanics every 20 seconds.

16. Night Trap (25th Anniversary Edition): Available on PS Vita – Digital, this game is based upon the original Night Trap game (1987) developed by Digital Pictures and released in 1992.

17. The Occupation: Available on PS4 – Digital, Retail, this thriller game is in the first-person narrative where the player would be a journalist “in a detailed, systems-driven world where people react to your actions” set on the fixed-date of October 24, 1987, in North West England.

18. Paraiso Island: this free game is available on PS4 – Digital, where the player would be an island sim exploring the area. The game features a real-time day and night cycle.

19. Puyo Puyo Tetris: Available on PS4 – Digital, this game is a combination of Tetris and Puyo Puyo, with gameplay styles ranging from single-player Adventure and Challenge modes to aggressive Arcade modes.

20. B.I. Baseball 19: Available on PS4 – Digital, players can participate in a genuine MLB experience.

21. Unknown Fate: Available on PS4 Digital, this single-player game narrated in the first person is a puzzle-adventure game where the player has to be a character who has no memory of who they were and are solitary, and solving puzzles and defeating enemies would gradually reveal their identity.

22. Your Toy: this 3D horror room escape game comprises an advanced puzzle game that cannot be repeated, and is available on PS4 – Digital.