Cyber attacks have been increasingly devastating websites that deal with financial and power management. And with the intense hype between India and Pakistan war, Pakistani hackers attempted to destroy more than 90 government websites after the Pulwama terror attack in which 40 CRPF jawans died. However, hackers could not create severe disruption because of the very high resistance.

Though the attackers could not breach the protective measures of the critical systems, the attack forced India to use aggressive steps to protect its websites from hackers. Notably, the location of the attacks was traced to Bangladesh.  Reports claim that after the failed hacking attempt, Pakistan resorted to strike fake news, interfering in the information flow to create chaos and confusion.

The name indicates that Bangladesh has been named as the reason for the suspension. Hackers could not get information on the primary system, but the fake campaigns were allegedly made by hackers through social media. India was able to defend against the hackers’ ascent.

The government has also advised all departments to adhere to the “Standard Operating Procedures” and be vigilant against future intrusions. It is worthwhile to mention that the attack at Pulwama was one of the deadliest in the last decade.