Mercedes-Benz plays Mario Kart on the MBUX system of its all-new CLA

Mar 4, 2019, 6:30 am

Moupiya D.

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Computer racing is trending. And games like Mario Kart which is very popular in the Nintendo universe would be a great hit if it strikes the realistic version. To all Mario Kart fans, Mercedes-Benz has updated its user experience as they showcased the all-new CLA with a twist – you can now play Mario Kart.

The engineers at the Daimler Research Group took three weeks to adopt a version of Mario Kart called SuperTuxKart, an open-sourced version of the favorite game to run on the MBUX system of the all-new CLA.

During the World Mobile Phone Congress 2019, held in Barcelona from February 25 to February 28, the German automaker demonstrated the updated CLA at its booth. It was there that the latest improvements regarding the MBUX infotainment system were presented, including some new applications. Visitors to the exhibition could play Mario Kart on the central screen of the car.

How do you play it? The game is played on the screen to the right of the driver, where you can control it with the car’s steering wheel and pedals. To shade out the surreal effect, the interior lighting system is also synced with the starting signals in the game, the seatbelt tightens anytime you crash in the game, and the air conditioning blows cold air at you with an intensity matched to your speed in the game. Isn’t that cool!

Actually, this is SuperTuxKart, the open source version of Mario Kart. This is a cross-platform system running on Linux, macOS, Windows and Android systems and, apparently, in the latest generation Mercedes infotainment system.

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