Paytm First; a loyalty programme for users with exclusive benefits and offers

Mar 5, 2019, 9:00 am

Moupiya D.

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Paytm has launched its first subscription-based rewards and loyalty program ‘Paytm First.’ Through Paytm First you will be able to manage the subscriptions of other apps like Zomato, Gaana, and Uber from one place. It has tried to bring entertainment, shopping, and food apps to the same platform. As entertainment, live cricket, TV, music, movies, etc. have been added.

Subscribers will get exclusive benefits on small and other advantages and will also benefit from the membership of other affiliate brands. Paytm aims to add about three million people in the first year after the launch. Paytm First has launched as a competitor of the already popular Flipkart Plus and Amazon Prime premium subscription-based loyalty programmes.

We are very excited to bring our exclusive loyalty program “Paytm First” with sought after rewards and benefits spanning across video and music streaming, food and travel, shopping and lifestyle – Deepak Abbot, Sr. Vice President, Paytm

Customers who opt for a premium subscription plan will receive an additional cashback worth Rs. 100 for a limited period along with a variety of benefits from brands including Annual Sony Liv subscription, Zomato Gold membership, Annual Gaana membership, ViU Premium, and Eros Now Annual membership. Besides this, customers will also be liable to get Uber benefits up to Rs. 6,000 and Uber Eats benefits up to Rs. 2,400.

The first annual subscription of Paytm will be available on payment of Rs 750 as the company aims to generate up to 3 million subscribed users in the first year of the service.

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