You have done everything for your website and are ready to promote it on the internet. You are ready with the social media pages, profiles, profile pictures, beautiful cover photos, brilliant reviews and a bunch of new likes. This is amazing. It is really good that you are getting engaged with people and are making bonds with them. Keep on working this way and give your competitors a tough job with your social media shares, likes, and everything.

What? Your social media profiles are not working properly? You are unable to generate traffic and people are not participating in your social media pages? Don’t panic.

15 secrets that will help you in enhancing your social media interactions using some very easy methods:

1. Upload Pictures

Uploading your concerned pictures is crucial. This will assure your visitors that you and your company actually exist and will help you in making your bond stronger with your visitors. Whenever a new person visits your page they always look for your pictures first. Believe it or not; uploading pictures is like the bloodline of your social media page.

2. Create Your Own Shareable Image

If you are new to this social media world and you do not have images relevant to your business then post some pictures of yours. At least create an image of yourself and your brand in front of your readers and visitors. Or if you think that you are very new then you can simply create an image showing quotes or messages by your company to your readers written over it.

3. How often to Post

You should know how often you have to post on your social media page. It won’t work for you if you start posting every hour on your page. Post something, let people come and read. Enjoy the likes and shares on your page and on the post and then go for another post on the next day. But basically, this varies according to your visitors and your followers. The best way to find out when to post and how to post is to play with it, ask your followers, and interact with them. Find out what they are looking for and also pay attention to the analytics.

4. Join Boards on Pinterest

Are you sure you want your clients to add pins to your Pinterest board? Is it safe? Well, according to an examiner, you have to do one thing that says follow one board, invite them and ask them to collaborate on your boards and they will have the ability to pin. This could be really interesting for everyone who promotes a great sense of community and involvement. If you feel like deleting the pins from your collaborator, you can do it very easily.

5. Show your Funny Bone

It is not necessary that you have to post something relevant and informative always. It is your page and you want to interact with your followers and visitors. So make friendly relations with them and do post some jokes, some hilarious videos and various other things that will interest your follower more into your page.

6. Keep your Twitter Posts Short

Although Twitter does not allow you to post more than 140 characters it would be good to post even shorter and a sweet post for your followers. You should make a post in between 80 to 110 characters. This will give your followers an ability to re-tweet your posts and they will share your posts without editing them. Try this for a few of your tweets and you will love it. In fact, leave some of your posts without links because this will utilize more characters.

7. Always use your Conversational Tone on Social Media

As has been mentioned earlier, it is always a good idea to add some humor to your posts and this will become easier for you if you opt for a conversational tone. Don’t be formal or to the point on your page. Talk to them like you talk to your friends, discuss with them like you really want to make this discussion, answer their queries in a more informative and conversational way. This will make them feel good and they will open up with you and your page to discuss things further.

8. Ask For A Re-tweet

It might feel like you are begging to your followers but asking for a re-tweet will get you more followers. It is good and you will feel good when this will happen. If you get good results after making a little effort then why don’t? Sometimes people also re-tweet your tweets without any incentive. This is something really beautiful on Twitter.

9. Poll Your Audience

This is one of the greatest ways for increasing engagements on your social media websites. Poll your audience and they will show interest in you. This does not mean that you have to poll them with what they want to see at your social media webpage but poll them with their favorite activities. This will make people jump on quickly to express their opinion and this will open up a sense of dialogues between you and your clients.

10. Play Quizzes

Don’t worry you do not have to check the IQ level of your clients. Give simple quizzes and ask them to reply within the time limit. This will make them engage to your page and they will keep on visiting your page in order to find out the answers. Post some pictures and ask them to caption this image. People really enjoy these kinds of games and this interests them the most.

11. Make your Social Media Sites like original

No! I know that you have original profiles but make your social media pages as if they are handled by a well known and recognized person in the organization. Make your followers believe that this page is original and is handled by a person. The only way to make your followers believe that this is you is by interacting with them. Asking their queries and answering them with the apt answers.

12. Always Reply

Whenever you see a post or a comment on your post or any image, do reply to that person. This shows that you are an active admin and are sitting for the users. This way your followers enjoy visiting your page more and ultimately with your answers and other comments all this gets converted into a healthy discussion. Make sure it ends into a healthy discussion.

13. Connect with people with the same field

This is actually very obvious that you should always make friends with people who are from a similar field otherwise other people won’t show that much interest and this will lead to failure of your efforts. Nobody wants to see failure. So if you want people to respond to your posts and follow your social media pages, make connections with similar communities.

14. Always be Consistent With Your Social Media Posts

It is important to stay consistent with your posts. This means you have to find out the voice that you want to use and make people follow your social posts. People will always notice what you are posting, what you want to say and this can often turn people to move for your social posts. Staying consistent will help them believe that only one person is working on the site, and this will encourage them to get engage more with your website.

15. Utilize your Social Media Sites Like Hootsuite

When you have to manage your websites, you will find out utilizing tools like Hootsuite, Anyleads, SEMrush, Marketo etc. and this will help you tremendously with your websites. This will make sure that you can see all the comments and can respond to all the posts on several sites and providing you a central location from the comments. This way you can engage with your clients more and they will show more interest with your website.

So follow these 15 top secrets and make your social media campaign a boom. These points are proven and will help you in increasing the number of your followers.

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