In a blog post dated March 11, 2019, Google has announced the names of 10 startups that have been selected as part of Class II of Launchpad Accelerator India:

1. Adiuvo Diagnostics: This platform has goals of enabling advanced healthcare that can be accessed by everyone, and has developed an “a rapid, non-invasive, reagent-less imaging system to assess and monitor Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (SSTIs).”

2. DheeYantra: A cognitive conversational AI with “a multilingual AI/NLP platform which enables businesses to engage, communicate and serve native language speakers in their own language” with respect to Indian vernacular languages.

3. FinancePeer: This is India’s first AI-based lending platform where online peer-to-peer lending and borrowing can take place.

4. HRBOT: This app using AI and video analytics to find employable candidates in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, remotely.

5. Kaleidofin: This app offers customized financial solutions that combine multiple financial products such as savings, credit, and insurance to help customers achieve their real-life goals.

6. Opentalk Pvt Ltd – this app promotes “an Open world where people are open to talk” so that people can talk to people around the world, make acquaintances and become a better speaker.

7. Perceptiviti Data Solutions: they help enterprises fight fraud, risk, and overpayments using the most Advanced Technology and AI, by offering insurance claim flagging, payment integrity, and fraud and abuse management.

8. This app service can remotely map house roofs and helps people make an informed decision about having a solar panel. Chatbot-based support is also provided to educate people about solar technology while enabling connections to local service providers.

9. SmartCoin: An app that provides credit access to the lower-income and middle-income segments through advanced AI/ML models.

10. THB: THB is a “Full-stack [tech + data + insights] clinical intelligence company delivering personalized care and syndicated insights” that help healthcare providers organize and standardize healthcare information to enable data and evidence-based decisions across the healthcare ecosystem.

Receive insights and support on advanced technologies such as ML, in-depth design sprints for specifically identified challenges, guidance on focused tech projects, networking opportunities at industry events, and much more – Paul Ravindranath, Program Manager,Launchpad Accelerator India

In a March basic training camp in Bangalore, that starts today, these startups will “get access to the best of Google” which includes them being thoroughly mentored by Google teams and experts in the technological industry, free support and cloud credits, which will also be extended over the next couple of months.