LG Mirror Display Functions as a Tv and as a Mirror

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Samsung and LG are both two leading television manufacturers. Samsung with its QLED TVs and LG in turn with the OLED televisions. Both display manufacturers spend a lot of time and attention on innovation and the development of new technologies. For example, in February, we published a Samsung Smart Mirror TV. A recently published patent shows that the Korean competitor LG is also developing a television with a mirror.

LG Mirror

Mirror television: a new generation of displays

In May 2017, LG Display applied for a ‘Mirror Display’ patent. The patent was published on 5 March 2019 by the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office).

Where the design of Samsung was a square screen, we see that LG chose a 4:3 ratio. An LCD or OLED display can be used in the upcoming TV. The mirror TV from LG also has touchscreen functionality. For this purpose, use is made of a so-called in-cell touch sensor. This technology makes it possible to implement a touch screen without this having an adverse effect on the thickness of the screen.

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LG Mirror Mode The TV with a mirror has three positions; in the display mode, you have a regular television at your disposal. There is also a mirror mode, where the entire screen functions as a mirror. The third mode is multimode.

In the multi-mode, the TV images are shown in the middle of the screen, while the edges function as a mirror. It is a fairly technical patent, which describes in detail how this is made possible. Basically, it comes down to LG’s mirror TV consisting of sixteen surfaces equipped with all kinds of sensors and electrodes.

In the multi-mode, only the inner four planes show moving images, i.e., transmitted light. The outer 12 planes function as mirrors by showing reflected light.

LG mirror TV for clothing stores and hotels

Although the mirror display can be used for TVs, there are other applications to think about. Such as the automotive industry, where the mirror of the passenger can also function for showing multimedia. Such a mirror TV can also offer a solution in clothing stores.

LG already has a lot of experience with digital signage; for example, the Korean company has Mirror Signage (49MS75A-7BB) in its range. This is also used in hotels and fitness areas by the clothing industry. The patented Mirror Display from LG seems to be a logical development, where (in the first instance) companies, in particular, will show interest.

LG also announced a Smart Mirror at CES 2019. However, remarkably few details were revealed regarding this smart mirror. It became clear that this mirror is provided with artificial intelligence and makes it possible to fit virtual clothing.

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