Oppo’s Vice President Shen Yiren has announced a new extension or rather a new sub-brand for the smartphone brand Oppo today named Oppo Reno. Apart from the announcement of the new sub-brand, the brand’s logo has also been revealed. The banner of the new sub-brand reads “I’m Reno”. The “Reno” part is vivid with striking colors, and it looks like a mixture of graffiti, comic book art, or very ‘pop art’ like. This suggests that Oppo may have a particular group of customers in mind. The new Reno may be entirely youth-focused trying to rope in as many young customers as they can using vivid colors.

Oppo has also announced that the new Oppo Reno’s first smartphone will be launched on 10th April 2019 in China. On Oppo’s part, this is the end of their news and announcement regarding the new smartphone. No further information related to this new sub-brand is available yet. However, this is also speculation that the new smartphone that Oppo has promised its customers due on April may be the new Reno smartphone. The fact that Oppo has not mentioned any name regarding their new launch hints at Reno being launched on the market. The Reno-branded smartphone is supposed to have a different design from the previous and mainstream Oppo smartphones.

Shen Yiren has confirmed that the new smartphone, whatever it may be will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and its camera will be equipped with Oppo’s 10x optical zoom technology. The new phone will feature a 4,065mAh battery. Nothing has been mentioned as of yet regarding the fast charging support, but it is being treated as a prerequisite. At the time of its launch, Oppo will have more than one million units in stock. Shen Yiren also wants to retain the 3.5 mm headphone jack for the new smartphone.

After all this talk of launching a new smartphone has not revealed the name of the device. Most of the rumors point towards the phone being the Oppo Find Z which, if launched, will be the successor of the Oppo Find X. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that the new smartphone could also be a Reno branded smartphone.