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5 Tips to make it easier to choose a home theater projector

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Home Theater Projector
Well, we all know the role of a home theater projector in setting up a mini movie theater in the home. But do know the technicalities you should put into consideration to choose the best home theater projector? To simplify the matter, we have provided five crucial tips which will make everything more comfortable for you to choose your ideal home theater model.

Understanding the Type of Projection

Home theater projection is all about clarity, color, and quality. Nowadays all the home theater models come with three types of projection namely DLP, LCD, and LCoS and it entirely depends upon your requirement. DLP projection serves as the most common projection type for home theater setup as it yields rich color, 3D output without rainbow effect, motion blur-free visuals and good black depth. Moreover, it delivers stunning clarity, extended longevity, and low maintenance. But unfortunately, it is not bright enough and comes with a limited number of pixels as it packs mirrored chip. On the other hand, the LCD projector is more into clarity and brightness rather than balanced overall quality. Many people prefer watching movies on LCD projection as it delivers better brightness and color saturation level than DLP models. LCD has open and closed pixel which allows the projector to reproduce most of the colors in the visuals. However, the color uniformity level of DLP is better than LCD. Like DLP, many LCD projectors are quite compact and requires low maintenance. LCoS is considered to be the ideal projection type for home theater projector but they are highly expensive, and it only comes in a few models. It serves as a hybrid between LCD and DLP, and SONY and JVC only use this sophisticated technology. It excels in every segment and if budget is no constraint, then opt for LCoS models.

Choosing the Ideal Resolution

Well, when you are considering the resolution for home theater setup, you should go for Full HD native resolution as it will offer you the best quality. However, if your budget doesn't permit then stick to 720p native resolution but never go below HD because you won't be satisfied by the movie quality, you will get. To get the visual experience of your favorite movie, you opt for 4K resolution, but 4K models are quite pricey. Moreover, there aren't many 4K contents available in the market currently. Nowadays some models with Full HD native resolution also get a 4K enhancement; you can even opt for this resolution as you will get the best of both worlds. Both Full HD and 4K will provide optimum clarity and crispness when you play any DVD, Blu-Ray or 4K movie.

Considering the Brightness, Color and Contrast Ratio

Brightness, color and contrast ratio plays a crucial in deciding output quality of visuals, especially in home theater models. You should try to stay between 2000-3000 ANSI lumens range because it gives you optimum brightness in your room despite the lighting condition. Color is significant for home theater projector, and it would be best to opt for a projector that has 90% or more coverage of sRGB color space. Also, check whether the projector offers the right color technology or not. You should also take the contrast ratio seriously as it adds black depth and clarity to the movies. Selecting 1000000:1 contrast ratio would be a smart decision, but the prices of such projectors are quite high. So if you don't have that kind of budget, then you can even contrast ratio around 50000:1 contrast ratio.

Getting the Appropriate Throw Ratio

Throw ratio determines how far the projector needs to be installed from the screen so that it can offer visual with optimum clarity. You should choose a projector depending upon the size of your room or where will you place it. So if you have a small room, then you should go for ultra-short or short throw projector as it can easily achieve 100inch clear image from 4-5ft. If space isn't your concern, then you can look for a standard short throw projector. Try to choose a home theater model with throw ratio as low as possible as it will offer you a lot of option for installation.

Get As Much As Connection Facilities Possible

You should try to opt for the home theater projector that offers the right amount of option for connection. For starters, HDMI, USB, VGA, and audio 3.5mm should be there. You are most likely to get all the necessary facilities as they come as standard in most of the models. Then facilities like S-Video, D-Sub, MHL, Wi-Fi, SD card, Bluetooth would be a bonus. Having a projector with all the required port and connection options will allow you to hook any type of external source without much fuss.
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