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As a direct result of a number of international jurisdictions, including the US, dismantling various legal restraints (such as PASPA in the US) on sports betting online, the flood gates have effectively been opened.

The State of New Jersey took the ball and ran with it, and a number of other US states are now beginning to offer legalized and controlled online sports betting options. While it might still be early days for online sports betting in general, we have to wonder, what does the future of sports betting look like from a tech point of view?

Virtual Sportsbooks in Brick and Mortar Casinos

While not quite the future, since this is something that is already happening, you’ll find that a lot of tech straddles both the now and the future. Since it’s the casino giants of Atlantic City that were instrumental in New Jersey push for sports betting reforms in the US, it makes sense to start here.

The constant evolution of offshore (international) sportsbooks over the past few years have made the lives of non-US punters easier and easier. Since the PASPA repeal in 2017, US sports bettors have begun to see the appearance of state-of-the-art virtual sportsbook kiosks in major casinos, starting with New Jersey (Golden Nugget) and Mississippi.

Top sports betting tech brands including SB Tech, who furnish Golden Nugget casinos in both states with sports betting kiosks, and IGT, are pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible for sports betting tech in the real world.

IGT, who has been instrumental in the development of both brick and mortar and virtual casinos, are putting their tech into sports betting. Their new Playshot sports betting kiosks are designed to make sports betting in casinos, as smooth and effortless as possible. No more standing in long queues or dealing with operators, ideal for millennial sports bettors.

Playshot kiosks will begin rolling out throughout this year and in 2020, in all major casino states including New Jersey, Mississippi (Golden Nugget in both instances), MGM Resorts, and many other locations across the country.

What is even more exciting news from IGT, is their launch of the CrystalBetting Terminal, which made its debut at this year’s G2E convention. The unique feature of the CrystalBetting Terminal is that it focuses exclusively on in-play sports betting.

In-play sports betting is proving to be more popular in the US, as bettors here like to watch the game and bet at the same time. While most have been relying on mobile apps (which often leave a lot to be desired), the CrystalBetting Terminal aims to change all that. Now bettors will be able to make use of a personal in-play betting station, fully customize their home screen to reflect specific live sports data, display in-play odds, and will allow them to place critical wagers at the right time.

What Else May Be in Store for Sports Bettors?

Our sports betting crystal ball shines a light on a few other exciting developments in future tech, some of which is already in play.

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around since 2009 and are already in use at major online sportsbooks, blockchain betting is yet to reach its full potential. Blockchain tech is among the fastest growing and developing spheres in cyberspace, with new cryptocurrencies being created all the time.

Blockchain’s true potential as far as international online sports betting is concerned lies in its ability to guarantee online privacy, anonymity, and security. Blockchain technology allows for truly transparent transacting, as each new transaction is recorded and added to the blockchain for all to see and verify. By using blockchain currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, sportsbooks will be able to run on lower overheads, while facilitating a far more secure betting environment for their clients.

Sports Enhancing VR Betting Tech

Remember when VR (virtual reality) was just a pair of goggles and a few shaky images? Well, VR has come a long way since those strange early days and is already being adopted by major US sports. In fact, the NBA is already well on its way to adopting various virtual reality tech elements into their programs for the future of the sport and how it’s consumed.

Interesting concepts include allowing viewers to wear VR tech in order to view the game in an entirely new light or reality if you will. VR tech will also incorporate sports betting, and will drastically enhance how sports bets in the near future are placed. For instance, while wearing a VR headset, a sports bettor could direct their focus to a specific area of the court and place a related wager, creating an instant event.

The same virtual reality tech is already being modified to suit various sports and, in turn, various sports betting markets. Virtually any sport can benefit from these concepts, enhancing every conceivable aspect of sports betting and altering the way we currently participate in sports betting forever.

Getting In on the Ground Floor

From blockchain technology to VR-enhancing sports betting and wearable tech, the future for sports betting is looking very bright indeed. However, before you can even begin to explore what future tech may be bringing to online sports betting, you have to get in on the ground floor.

With the floodgates open now for the US sports betting industry to really take off, finding a good sportsbook has never been more important. If you are still new to online sports betting, this can be easier said than done.

With so many new online sportsbooks to choose from and so many great sports that are worth getting into, a visit here is a good place to start exploring your options. Learn how easy it is to place a bet or two on the most popular sports, as well as finding the best betting sites for them.

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