Why live chat is necessary for your website?

Mar 12, 2019, 11:32 am

Shuchi V.

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Today Live Chat is measured as the best lead generation tool to avail great customer service instantly for your business. To go hand in hand with the latest trends; thus it is vital for a company to provide support to their customers via Live Chat. A famous study discovered that 92 percent of customers feel satisfied while using Live Chat in comparisons to other communication mediums such as web form, email, and voice.

Also one of the research showcases that more than 63 percent of consumers are more likely to revisit to a site that offers Live Chat. Although you will be surprised to know that most of the businesses still don’t have this tool on their website. Why don’t you step ahead and gain a competitive advantage by including live chat for the site? But before you go for live chat, you should have to consider a few key queries.

What pages is the precise one to place live chat? Here you have to choose key action pages such as request trail landing page, pricing page, and contact page. As these are the most probable places where visitors will have queries or express some level of interest in your products and services.

ChatbotWho will work your live chat? Chatbots are supportive of taking out information from a visitor. However, having a real human to answer queries is crucial. Find out one or two candidates within your team who can be a perfect fit to work chat to assess its benefits.

How will you gauge success? Getting countless visitors to chat may not be the only dimension of success. Ask yourself – What do you need to overcome with chat? Also what is the early pointers of success so that you can decide if messaging is worth scaling?

Now it’s time to check out a number of significant reasons why live chat is essential for your website.

Increase business credibility

Live Chat allows your customers to converse with humans directly it raises client satisfaction and therefore makes your business more credible. Having a Live chat for the website is like a winning moment for your business.

Get live chat integration

Live Chat IntegrationSocial media is an effective way of interacting with your customers but what if you are going to deal with many communications simultaneously? It can be confusing or unorganized to communicate back and forth. Here using live chat software you will not only document all customer interaction for future reference. But it also provides reports that will assist you in taking business decisions quickly and efficiently. Via Google Analytics integration, you can able to know your customer actions or study purchase trends. Besides, if you have online business on Facebook, you can integrate Live Chat attribute straight on your page and don’t even require a site to provide live chat support.

Save time and money

As businesses including startups and SME’s are always striving to get a cost-effective service solution. A well-known study has proven that live chat is the top pick to save money. More companies were using phone/email support as customer support gears to connect via customers. But it takes more time and cost to maintain or setup, on the other hand, live chat is relatively cheaper to utilize in your site. The live chat is cost-efficient as it raises efficiency by letting live chat agents switch manifold chats concurrently, so you don’t require to employ more agents. About more than 50 percent of customers like live chat as it let them multitask. Live Chat provides real-time services to a particular customer. Hence it consequently saves a large amount of time, effort or money.

Save Time Save MoneyThe accomplishment of live chat service is a few minutes of work. For example – A Smart live chat software LiveAgent permits many alternatives for chat distribution or deployment. LiveAgent has a bundle of integrations available for the most used eCommerce or CMS (Content management systems). Hence you don’t necessitate any HTML (Hypertext markup language) expertise to implement live chat on your site. Also, not even this LiveAgent offers full integration service to its consumers at no cost. Few live chat software by default come up with a translation feature that makes it simpler for agents to manage live chat in all languages.

Enhance conversions or sales

Enhance Conversions or SalesAbout 83 percent of customers require some sort of online support when they are buying products online. A study also showcases that 44 percent of consumers believe that having the capability to converse to an agent while the online purchase is the greatest thing ever. That’s why most audience prefers to buy from sites having the live chat feature to get a response quickly. Thus live chat support at the time of checkout procedure will improve conversion rates and sales. Various research reports have demonstrated that Live Chat can fetch over 20 percent increase in conversion rates. The dominant success idea to develop conversion rate is to have live chat agents available 24/7 and well trained about your products and services. As a result, they can recommend extra purchases that might be an ideal fit for that exacting customer. Make them ready with discount coupons which they can offer to clients who are still confused before buy. And also make sure that at least one agent is presented at a particular time to answer customer queries.

Make troubleshooting easier

It can be much simpler to guide a user via text in place of voice. For instance – you start a call with a non-technical customer who has a problem in installing new software, and it may take much time to help out them over the phone. But through live chat, you can able to share step by step instructions (such as useful links, screenshots, etc.) and allow them to pursue the process quickly.

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