YouTube has delightful news for the Indian user base as it is expanding its universe of music with the introduction of its fresh new made-for-music app YouTube Music to India. The wide spectrum of music explored on YouTube all over these years by music buffs and fans gets an added dimension with this app as it enables the user to navigate through the oceanic variety of genres in music, from landmark videos such as Despacito, Lahore, to Bollywood classics to regional songs and so on, to settle for their personal preferences and tastes in music through a single app. Discovering music now becomes uninterrupted by not having to sift two and fro between multiple music apps and YouTube as this app scoops in all genres of music within it, to be streamed at the will of the user.

This streaming service for music includes forms of music as diverse as official songs, albums, thousands of playlists and artist radio and YouTube’s impressive catalog of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos that are  exclusive to it and  for the first time, every music buff’s personal world of music can be  found and configured all in one place.

The new ad-supported version of YouTube Music is available for free, but with the YouTube Music Premium, a paid membership is also out now, enabling the user to play a YouTube music video in the background while running other programmes on the android phone simultaneously or while locking the phone etc with offline downloads and an ad-free experience for a reasonably pocket-friendly price of ₹99* a month.

Furthermore, Google Play Music subscribers can avail the YouTube Music Premium membership as included in their subscription each month which is excellent news as this won’t change the access to all of the user’s purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always, which is another positive.

Why go for YouTube Music?

All-in-one music app

The broad array of musical genres brought within the app, such as official songs, albums, singles, remixes, live performances, etc and more importantly, even hard-to-find music that can nevertheless be found on YouTube, ups its USP for the die-hard music lovers and enthusiasts in India.

Surfing through Recommendations

The versatile home screen dynamically adapts to dish out recommendations based on the history of music played, coordinating it with what the listener is doing. So be it daily-commuting or gym, the recommendations flare up instantaneously on the YouTube Music app.

Lots of playlists

Genre, mood, activity, or language, you name it, the playlists have it all, be it “Bollywood Hotlist” “Featuring Drake”, “Kollywood Hotlist” or “Tollywood Hotlist” etc. Thereby, discovering new music gets exceedingly fun with this app.

Smart search

There are times when we fail to recall the song name that we want to listen, so in such situations, one can search by lyrics (even if messed up) and with descriptive sentences typed in such  “That rap song with flute”? And get to enjoy the song.

The hotlist screen

YouTube Music, thanks to the organized Hotlist screen, will enable the user to keep updated on the hottest videos in the world right then, right there. Current features on the list such as Luka Chuppi, Petta – Marana Mass Official Video, Thassadiyya Full Video Song etc demonstrate the versatile collation of what’s hot in music in India as per the popular taste.

Download the favorite tracks

The paid members can avail the feature of having downloads of up to 100 loved songs on the mobile device through the Offline Mixtape automatically. Not only this, but the paid members can also download songs, videos, albums or playlists too. This can be done by just visiting the library tab to find the Offline Mixtape feature along with other downloaded albums, songs, and playlists. The download settings option will help to adjust the number of songs to be downloaded.

The features of the YouTube Music app will be extended to YouTube Premium, which entails ad-free, background and offline play across all of YouTube, as well as access to YouTube Originals including Cobra Kai, BTS: Burn The Stage. But the subscription cost is slightly higher at ₹129 rupees for all new members because it includes the brand new YouTube Music service. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S10 customers can enjoy four months of free, uninterrupted access to YouTube Premium, which includes access to YouTube Music*, which is nothing short of cause for a big smile on them.

YouTube has brought a wide variety of music on to our devices that shape and define our defining moments, moods and daily experiences and has helped weave in the magical world of music across borders. What with the impressive new app YouTube Music introduced in India, the news itself is music to our ears!