Chrome’s ‘send to my device’ option will directly send tabs on Canary equipped devices

Mar 13, 2019, 2:59 am

Moupiya D.

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Google Chrome is getting a new “Send to my devices” option, which will make the common task of sharing a tab much easier. We might have come across times when we wanted to share out tabs to the other devices for our own convenience but had no choice, but now there is a choice and also a way.

Last year, Chrome became able to share information about tabs between Android and Chrome OS in a feature called “Continued Reading,” part of the Better Together integration between the two platforms. This simply added clickable links to your open tabs on Android in the Chrome OS Launcher and was limited to only those two platforms. Now, Chrome has a better solution, the Chrome Canary v75.

Right-clicking on the “Send to my devices” from desktop will send a notification about the shared tab to all other instances of Chrome logged in with the same account. While on Android you need to tap the share menu and then select “send to my device” option, and there the magic is done.

The Chrome Canary v75 feature is in its early state and has quite a few setbacks that make it less than convenient. For example, the receiving devices also need to be on Canary, and even the notifications only share the link you had open, not your position on the page which might make it a little inconvenient to use.

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