In the following post, we will be offering you a quick review on what WooStroid WooCommerce theme is all about.

Much like other WooCommerce themes, WooStroid turns out to be a useful flagship product. And I must say, the idea seems on gaining popularity at lightning speed – all thanks to its responsive nature, SEO, multilingual support, and other powerful features. Before we jump into any further details, let me provide you a basic gist of what Woocommerce is all about. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that is easy to install and offers endless flexibility especially for the website owners who wish to have all hands on the controls. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that several developers are offering WooCommerce-compatible themes.

How Woostroid enhances eCommerce?

Although the previous Woostroid theme turned out to be a significant hit in the Woocommerce category, with the evolvement of new technologies, businesses are trying to make customers feel comfortable by offering them products developed using all the latest techniques. And that’s the reason why Woostroid2 is nothing like Woostroid you knew someday. Apart from this, I would like to mention a few more reasons to take Woostroid into account.

1. A comprehensive set of features for a modern eStore

Modern eStore

1. Product compare – This option, in particular, allows customers to compare products and end up making more informed choices.

2. Advanced thumbnail – Due to this customers can see your products from a different and new perspective.

3. Wishlist – Of course, this feature provides a great help especially during hot seasons and throughout the year.

4. Compatibility – Being compatible enough with WooCommerce, the feature offers optimal eStore experience.

2. Customize web design

Typography and Header styles – Featuring a rich typography collection, the theme provides six attractive header styles and the opportunity to toggle between them and personalize them easily. In addition to this, it also comprises of a live switcher that helps you in finding the perfect type – just in a few clicks.

Font Icon – Have you ever thought of integrating with Linearicon, it certainly gives access to a vast multitude of fonts and icons. Trust me, customizing your website has never been this exciting before.

3. Amazing set of plugins

JetElements features 40+ widgets serving ample of purposes. Quite fascinating, isn’t it! One can do anything he or she wants to do with your website content. Right from Add to cart to Meta, price, Related Products, Reviews, Sale Badges, Upsales, Titles, you can handle anything with ease!

PowerBuilder and PowerBuilder Integrator plugins are used to make the customization process even more effortless. You can give website visitors the navigation they love – all because of Cherry Search and Ajax Filters.

4. Optimal mobile experience

1. Woostroid 2 is a kind of theme which is 100% responsive and looks beautiful on several mobile screens.

2. Its UX seems to have been tested and adapted for different mobile screens.

3. Being retina ready, the theme certainly offers amazing 4k-quality images on your website.

4. Websites on Woostroid have clean and intuitive UI. The theme strikes that sweet spot between being packed with features and easy to use.

Quick installation

It has never been complicated at all when it comes to installing WordPress themes. This one, in particular, is fast, friendly and issue-free. The wizard will help theme’s owner to install WooStroid 2 without a hitch. The installation process is the same as for Monstroid 2. Just use your key (order ID) to activate the purchase.

In a nutshell

The WooStroid WooCommerce theme turns out to be a perfect solution especially for those who want to build multiple stores for a single price and without needing any coding knowledge. Furthermore, you can get everything required for creating a fully-fledged web store!

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