PlayStation released a 25-second teaser video, debuting the new and the next chapter of No Man’s Sky. People have been waiting eagerly for this for a long time and PlayStation on their blog acknowledged the same. It was also mentioned in the blog that they wanted to share some information from behind the scenes too. The next chapter of No Man’s Sky will be called No Man’s Sky Beyond and it will be released in next summer 2019.

The teaser video does not show or share any vital information regarding the new updated game other than just showing the name of the game. According to PlayStation, each and every chapter of the No Man’s Sky has been more successful than the last. In fact, the last one called NEXT was the most successful one. The success of NEXT also helped them with their legality contact and they successfully changed the legacy of the game. PlayStation has been working on trying to incorporate the features of the games to make something impactful. The end-product, this new game, No Man’s Land Beyond will contain some of those three major updates packed into one impactful game for the larger free release.

Today PlayStation announced the first component of Beyond. It is called No Man’s Sky Online. It promises a radically new and multiplayer experience which will encourage the players all over the universe to meet and play together.

What is remarkable about this particular component is that it would not require a subscription or microtransactions. Above all, it will be available for free to all existing players. This is all PlayStation has said about the new components and about the release of NEXT. If and when they themselves gather more information, they will direct whatever news is available to them to us. Beyond is something that people at the PlayStation has been working hard on, and as such, they will continue to support No Man’s Sky for the foreseeable future.