PlayStation’s The Drop has released a post about new games for March 2019. Most games are slated to release today, except the ones mentioned otherwise:

1. American Ninja Warrior: This racing challenge to hit the buzzer at the end tests the player’s skills in strength and endurance through multi-player mode or challenging career mode, and releases on PS4 – Digital today.

2. Cube Zone: This “frenetic” puzzle game tests the player’s reflexes will release today on PS4 – Digital

3. Fate/Extella Link: Releasing today on PS4, PS Vita – Digital, Retail, this adventure game involves “refined gameplay” along with hacking and slashing through the battlefields of the digital realm of SE.RA.PH.

4. The Messenger: Releasing today on PS4 – Digital, this ninja adventure game involves an “expansive time-traveling” action game that thrills, surprises and provides an enjoyable time to the player.

5. Peasant Knight: This challenging puzzle-platformer has to be played with only two keys – jump and stop, and is available today onwards on PS4, PS Vita – Digital (Cross-Buy).

Play The Drop: March PlayStation games on PS4.

6. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection: To celebrate the milestone of the 40th anniversary of the legendary studio SNK, this collection offers a wide range of classic arcade games “from SNK’s golden age,” and is available today onwards on PS4 – Digital, Retail.

7. War Theatre: This classic turn-based strategy gameplay mixed with RPG elements has been developed by the developers of Plague Road. War Theatre is out now on PS4 – Digital (Cross-Buy).

8. Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! Bundle: This adventure game featuring monsters and dungeons also includes a new buddy system and releases on PS4 – Digital on March 20.

9. Super Kickers League: This arcade-football mashup involves no referees and no rules with the only aim being to outshine the rival. It’s available on PS4 – Digital from March 20 onwards.

10. Alwa’s Awakening: This nostalgia-inducing game that tries to attempt to show the authentic 8-bit look through pixel art, along with a catchy soundtrack is all set to charm players when it releases on PS4 – Digital on March 21.

11. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The player has to play the role of the warrior often called the “one-armed wolf” in this action-filled “honor” game. Available on PS4 – Digital, Retail, this game will be available from March 22.