Apple announced the phased release for automatic updates for macOS Apps

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iOS 11 is the eleventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system. Apple announced the new iOS on March 19, 2019. This is not the only major update that Apple has put forward in the market this year so far. Along with the new iOS 11, Apple has also introduced the ability for developers to release app updates in phases. Instead of releasing the updates in one single sweep, the developers will now have some sort of control over the updates that they are putting forward for the users.

In a blog post today, Apple announced that they are extending the feature to the Mac App Store. Now developers will be able to control of releasing updates over the course of 7 days. On the App Store Connect website in a post, Apple has explained the process of it along with its announcement.

Apple has explained in that post that developers can now release macOS app updates in stages with a new Phased Release for Automatic Updates. Over the course of 7 days, automatic app updates will roll out gradually. First, only 1 percent of the users will get the new update release on day one and the number of users getting the update will gradually increase over the period of the allotted 7 days.

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Apple’s post reads,

You can now release an update to your macOS app in stages by enabling Phased Release for Automatic Updates in App Store Connect. Your update will go out to an increasing percentage of users with automatic updates turned on, over a 7-day period.

The automatic update will be available each day during the phased release period to the percentage of users shown below. This information will also display in your app’s information page in App Store Connect.

  • Day 1  1 percent
  • Day 2  2 percent
  • Day 3  5 percent
  • Day 4  10 percent
  • Day 5  20 percent
  • Day 6  50 percent
  • Day 7  100 percent.”

To release a version update in phases, everyone needs to follow the phases mentioned below,

1. From the App Store Connect homepage, click My Apps, then select your app.

2. In the left column, click the app version you want to submit.

3. In the Phased Release for Automatic Updates section, select Release update over a 7-day period using phased release.

4. Click Save.

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