The iOS version of WhatsApp Business was recently released in Mexico, Brazil, and France. It is expected to come to other countries in the coming weeks. Now there is a new development. Apparently, in the iOS test version of WhatsApp Business, there is a new feature called the Short Link, known as Link or URL abbreviation.

According to the information provided by the WA Beta Info site, the new short link is available for all users who have a beta version of WhatsApp Business users can shorten and share links from the short link section in Settings. Link, for example, becomes an address like This link abbreviation, for now, is available only on the Android version of WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business, an independent application with specific functionalities for businesses and companies, more than a year ago, in January 2018.

WhatsApp Business allows companies to respond directly to users, use automatic and predefined responses, absence messages and get more information about user behavior. It is totally free to download and use application.

Next, to it, the company also makes its API available to companies, which allows it to integrate the system into its website, corporate blog or wherever it wishes. So users have easier to interact with the platform and request, for example, that you write or be sent a certain product or service through WhatsApp. This service is for payment.