How to start and run an online hotel booking business successfully

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There is undoubtedly a lot of competition in the online hotel booking industry, so for a newbie, there are some essential points that would be very helpful in making sure that their online hotel booking business succeeds. Although there are many points the business owner has to take care, these are the five essentials of a successful online hotel booking business.

Plan the Online Booking Process

When you are planning to start and run your own online hotel booking business, it is essential for you to decide what type of booking reservation service you are going to offer. Is your website going to have a different class of different price? For example, first-class for the highest price, second and third for a lower price; or you are going to focus on offering different packages to your customers. The other option can think is to offer per hour booking because not every customer wants to book for a day or a week. Lastly, you can simply let the customers decide the best hotel for them according to the reviews and the ranking of the hotels.

You have to make sure that the customer is crystal clear about what hotel he/she is going to book? What price he/she has to pay? And what features and services should he expect to receive? To make sure your booking process functions seamlessly, you would have to find/develop a top-notch booking module that offers all the essential features.

Clear Details and Prices

Customers want convenience, and they want their traveling trip to be as seamless as possible! They are not looking for any unpleasant surprises from the online hotel booking on the very last moment.

In efforts of attracting the customers towards your hotel, you might think that it is a smart idea to show lower prices and charge hidden charges. This would be the worst idea that you could come up with. Rather than gaining customers, you will ultimately lose your customers’ trust in your business. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly mention all the details of the services that the customer is going to receive, especially the prices.

Offer Simple Payment and Booking Facility

Most of the customers prefer to pay via credit cards, digital wallets, online banking, digital wallets, promo codes and similar payment modes like PayPal. So, you have to make sure that your website offers secure and easy payment options. The payment and booking method also has to be simple and quick.

Customers come to a business because they want convenience, so to win over the competition, every business needs to provide the optimum level of convenience to your customers. Make sure that they receive the booking confirmation details quickly so that they can relax and plan their trip rather than worrying about the confirmation of their hotel booking.

Make it SEO-Friendly

The hotel booking services’ competition is tough. You have to make sure that you put enough emphasis on making sure that your website is Search Engine Optimizable. The meta-tags, the website link structure and the entire structure of the website is optimizable enough that it will help you achieve first-page ranking on search engines within a short period or not. If not, you might not have any other option but to hire professional help your business, appearing on the first page of the search engines.

Know Your Competition

Knowing what your competitor is doing is essential, so you have to understand that you are fully aware of what services your competitor is and isn’t offering. This will help you get a better idea of what is essential for you to offer to your customers and what services can you additionally offer to take the competitive advantage from your competitors. Some of the leading competitors of the online hotel booking industry, include,, Expedia /Travelocity,,,, HotelTonight, Orbitz, Priceline, and Trivago.

At the start of your new online hotel booking business and you might face a certain level of difficulty in making sure that you are offering similar services to your customers. You might have to hire a professional to develop your website because it is not necessary that you would know how to make a booking website.

However, having a clear idea about your competitions’ offerings will help you have a checklist of all the things that you have to offer. It will also help you stay on track of developing a successful online booking hotel business.

Initially, you might face some difficulties, but you have to be consistent, and working smart rather than working hard. Most importantly, make sure that your efforts are focused on optimizing customer satisfaction. Good Luck!

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