If you’re a Firefox user then here’s the news. Firefox has just made all the password struggles much more comfortable with the release of Firefox Lockbox for Android devices. The Firefox Lockbox is basically a password manager that brings passwords tied to your Firefox Account to mobile devices. Mozilla has already offered an iOS version for a while, and now Firefox Lockbox is also available for Android.

It first launched for iOS in July last year and acts as an extension of your Firefox account. Once installed, the Firefox  Lockbox app allows you to login to your existing Firefox account where all your passwords are stored. It’s then possible to import them on to your mobile device and gain access to those same websites and services while on-the-go.

Firefox Lockbox thereby lets users log into their native mobile apps using passwords that have been already stored in their Firefox browser, hence relieving users from the burden of remembering all their passwords of individual app. Users can now automatically pull out their credentials over to their personal mobile app just by logging into Firefox Lockbox with the usual Firefox account credentials.

Firefox Lockbox lacks some advanced but beneficial password manager features, like the ability to generate secure new passwords and to offer to save usernames and passwords when you sign up for a new site. None the less it also helps users to manage passwords. it is now available to download on Android.

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