Chrome OS’s Messages integration, as a part of the “Better Together” initiative between Android and Chrome OS, is supposed to be the vehicle for the latest updated version of Messages for Web with the inclusion of RCS settings on the Google domain.

In 2018, Google had announced its plans to modify its Chrome OS by changing its Messages web app from to, and the erstwhile “Android Messages” became just “Messages.”

According to an Android Subreddit user named u/BeefMitts, the URL of Messages for Web changed from ‘’ to ‘’ along with a new loading animation. This indicates that the updated version of Messages for Web with as its domain has already started coming into effect.

When a user goes to the Settings options, she or he will be able to see that the ‘Settings’ is now a page than a dialogue, containing an ‘Advanced’ segment with RCS related settings, which would enable them to control RCS ‘chat features’ alongside disabling read receipts and typing indicators.

Users using the previous Android domain are being urged to switch to the new Google domain through an invitation popup.

This modification of the domain address was more or less confirmed during last month’s MWC with Google’s announcement of new features for its ‘Messages’ whose details were shared on the new domain. It can well be expected that other forthcoming features for Messages for Web would launch on the Google domain address.

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