Xiaomi has teased a new short promotional video of its upcoming foldable smartphone. A couple of months ago Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin showed off a foldable phone announcing the company’s entry into the bendable devices market. The phone has now been teased in another video hinting at what one should expect from the device if and when it launches commercially.

The 10-second video doesn’t seem to be any incredibly revealing here; the clip merely shows, a person playing around the phone in an unfolded state, scrolling through what looks like a social media site. The operator then folds the phone and keeps it on a cup. As it was shown in the previous video, Xiaomi is using a double fold in its device, and the latest video reaffirms the design. The operator is also seen using gesture controls while navigating.

The video shows the foldable Xiaomi phone in a portrait position and the aspect ratio seems to be 3:2. The last video showed the phone in landscape position where it sported a 4:3 display aspect ratio.

One good thing for certain about the Xiaomi foldable will be the price, at least in comparison to the Samsung and Huawei smartphones. An estimate of US$999 has been offered for the Xiaomi foldable, which is much cheaper than the Galaxy Fold or Mate X and is expected to be released in the second quarter of this fall.