Verizon is taking new steps to alleviate the nuisance of thousands of robocalls going out regularly. Verizon is aiming to reduce some of the pressure.

On Thursday, Verizon Wireless, officially announced that it is rolling out a free version of its “Call Filter” feature for subscribers. With Call Filter, Verizon customers will have a free option to identify, screen, and block spam phone calls.

In January, Verizon said it would be expanding its spam robocall prevention features to more of its customers. The free version of Call Filter lets users get spam alerts, enables to report unsolicited numbers and also block robocalls. Verizon announced that all postpaid customers with a compatible device for such feature can enroll, though some features may vary taking in the count on the type of phone you have.

Verizon Spam Caller DetectorVerizon claims that the filter will let customers get alerts when a call is likely spam and immediately block robocalls based on the preferred level of risk. It’s an attempt to combat call spoofing, a widespread occurrence when hijackers try to hijack numbers similar to yours using it for their own benefit.

The new free version of Call Filter is available now for Verizon Wireless subscribers.