10 Best apple marketing strategies for every emerging business

Apple is one of the most successful business brands that is an inspiration for all upcoming entrepreneurs. From its huge fan base to high-end sophisticated products, everything is just perfect about the brand. Have you ever wondered why? It’s the unique marketing strategies along with quality which if anyone follows perfectly can develop a stronger brand presence in the future. The following points will illustrate the Apple marketing strategies you need to apply now.

1. Focus on Case Studies and Recommendations

Don’t just blindly depend on SEO approaches and PPC ads to generate potential traffic but also give your personal effort on recommendations and case studies. Apple mostly runs on user reviews and product placement. Give a free trial of your product to let customers try your services and then the ones who liked it, ask them to give recommendations to other people. You can also conduct case studies addressing the Challenge, Actions, and Results generated from the customers and even approach people personally to try your product.

2. Don’t Compete on Price

Apple never follows other competitors’ price range of products and instead focuses on the Unique Value Proposition having the box design with small and sober packaging. Follow the same for your business too. Try to build products that are unique from your competitors and concentrate on the overall aspects of the product instead of just one trending factor.

3. Use simple Marketing Approach

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Apple always keeps its product marketing and promotions simple stressing the user benefits. Instead of cluttering your product page with high-end words and designs, keep it sober with minimalistic design and color just like apple and make sure to have scannable content. You can do it by using white spaces, bullet points between the content with readable writing so that users easily grab the benefits of your products and come back for more.

4. Understand the audience mindset and talk to them accordingly

You will never find small fonts, information about too many features of products on apple’s website. The highlighting features of the product are always given in large fonts with easy language and attractive related images of the product so that customers love checking out the details. In your business too, follow a similar approach and also make a point to create a user-generated segment where you will be speaking to the customers in their voice along with segments to know about the customer queries and what motivates them to look for your product.

5. Look for better customer experience

Apple focuses more on live testing of its products than just marketing its benefits and features. In an Apple retail store, you get to test everything from various product comparisons to trying them out and getting all your queries solved by the customer support experts. Try to incorporate that in your business too. Make strategies of every point to contact your customers from appealing sophisticated stores to free demo trials, product testing everything to improve their experience before buying.

6. Focus on Customer’s Emotion

If you see Apple’s ads, videos, and web content, everywhere there is connected to the customers instead of just high-end professional writing. Keep the same approach for your business as well. Pay attention to the expectations from you and try to connect with them emotionally rather than professionally whether in the live demo of your products, contents, stories, or any kind of promotional user-centric content.

7. Build a community/fan base

Apple’s fan base does half of its marketing work from products promotion to sales as well as appealing unboxing videos. Do the same for your business. You can create a community through Blog posts, social media pages, profiles posting consistent user-centric content as well as live sessions of your products to connect with the audience. Try to interact with them as much as possible by replying to their comments, answering their issues, and always thanking them for their support.

8. Focus on few than many

You will never find Apple launching too many products at a single point in time. Also, it promotes them with a simple tagline that allures the customer to visit the site and look for more. In your business too, focus on a few things at a time and try to build a stronger impact on customers than doing too many things at the same time.

9. Create Suspense

Apple concentrates more on weaving its story about its upcoming launch of products to build the ambiance before launching it. As a result, people eagerly wait for its launch and dive into it when finally happens. You can also weave a story about your upcoming product connecting to the customer’s emotion and its beneficial features. This will build up their interest and can drive you huge profits when you actually launch it.

10. Follow the Four Ps

Apple’s marketing principle is based on four P’s- Product, Promotion, Placement, and Price. So follow the same approach in your business as well and before you opt for any marketing strategy make your that the quality of your product is uncompromised from all aspects just like Apple that has the potential to generate maximum customer satisfaction.

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