Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 19,615,342
    Confirmed: 19,615,342
    Active: 6,295,775
    Recovered: 12,594,237
    Death: 725,330
  • USA 5,108,144
    Confirmed: 5,108,144
    Active: 2,325,564
    Recovered: 2,618,203
    Death: 164,377
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    Death: 99,702
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    South Africa
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    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,503
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    Recovered: 11,320
    Death: 278
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    Death: 22

Bitdefender BOX – Must have protection for your smart gadgets

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Bitdefender BOX

Gone are the days where we used antivirus and it provided protection only to the device it was installed on. Its scope is very limited. Today we use a number of internet-connected devices such as laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, smart locks, webcams, and gaming consoles. Bitdefender has the solution with its BOX. It is a first of its kind, a piece of hardware that provides protection to each one of its connected devices.

Every device connects to the internet in a different way with varying levels of security. Most of the Wi-Fi routers don’t check the kind of traffic they are generating or receiving. The Bitdefender BOX has been designed with security in mind and comes with a very simple setup. Anybody, even without IT knowledge, can use it.

How does Bitdefender BOX work?

We need to start with setting up the app for which the Bitdefender Central App has to be downloaded and installed. The Bitdefender BOX can be installed very simply and quickly by following the step by step instructions. The gadget starts working within five minutes and connects all the Wi-Fi networks and devices. First, view the list of all the devices you have to connect to and then apply security rules for each one of them. It’s advisable that you always take notice of your network activity. The settings of the Bitdefender Box can be customized, and separate profiles can be created for different devices.

Features of the Bitdefender BOX

Double-Clad Home Network Security: Bitdefender blocks malware, stolen passwords, identity theft and hacker attacks for all internet-connected devices (including those without an operating system). You get the network and local protection for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, at home as well as on the go. The latest feature is that now it also includes VPN.

Full Power: Excellent performing hardware, so it connects instantly to the devices and responds to the threats immediately.

Parental Control: It provides digital protection against cyberbullying and online predators. You can monitor your child’s activities on social networks, keep track of their internet browsing and manage screen time.

Award-Winning Technology: Bitdefender is leading the world today in computer and internet security. Its work has been recognized and awarded by the most trusted testing labs in the industry.

Technical Requirements

We need to have the following things in place before starting with Bitdefender:

  • Internet connection
  • Wi-Fi username and password
  • Router access credentials
  • Mobile devices running iOS or Android for the setup



  • Detection of devices
  • Management of connected devices
  • Create profiles of each device
  • Provides notifications instantly

Protection of data

  • Antimalware protection
  • Prevents phishing & Fraud
  • Protects sensitive data
  • Safe internet browsing

Network Security

  • Assesses vulnerability
  • Prevents against exploits
  • Protection against Brute Force
  • Detects any kind of anomaly


  • Filters content
  • VPN (now included with Total Security)
  • Advanced Parental Control
  • Prevents network intrusion


You can go for either a monthly subscription or a yearly one. What Do You Get In The Monthly Subscription?

  • Continuous protection
  • Bitdefender Total Security for unlimited devices
  • BOX Network Security Hub at $199
  • Install & Setup Service at $39.90
  • Shipping is free
  • Total cost: $14.99 (including VAT)

What Do You Get In The Yearly Subscription?

  • 1 year included subscription
  • Bitdefender Total Security for unlimited devices
  • BOX Network Security Hub
  • Install & Setup Service at $39.90 value
  • Shipping is free
  • Total cost: $199.99 (including VAT) for the 1st year and $99 after the first year.

The subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Final Words

The numerous different features of the Bitdefender BOX can be managed from one app. But there’s one thing you need to get used to and that is a new set of notifications. Each time a device connects to the network, you get a notification. Just remember you are also notified each time if there is any suspicious traffic on the network.