Last year Phase One Industrial has announced a camera for drones which uses a 100-megapixel medium format sensor and can be equipped with different lenses. Now, a new Sony sensor leaked today with 100MP back-illuminated (BSI) sensor, something which is already used in the Phase One iXM photography drone and the Phase One XF camera.

IMX555CQR is the code-name for an upcoming Sony sensor leaked today. It’s a 100-megapixel full-frame sensor for the consumer cameras that are to be available to other manufacturers as well. A pixel binning mode is offered for 12bit 6K video with a single high-speed digital readout for 16-bit stills.

Sony appears to use a novel method with the latest leaked sensor for a high-speed readout given the amount of data on the chip. However, as the leak renders, Sony will be the first to release a 35mm full-frame 100MP sensor with 6K video recording capabilities.

The document stills from the sensor with a high 12288 x 8192 resolution. It appears to be not one, but two A/D converters per column. That’s an enormous number of A/D converters to create the high-speed digital output of the sensor. It is speculated that in the past, it’s possible that Sony had to compromise color-depth or accuracy to achieve such high-speed digital readouts.

As the sources leak, the cinema 4K resolution of 4096 pixels horizontally divides perfectly by 3 into the 12288-pixel resolution of this sensor with 3 x 3 color-aware.

Sony seems to be extending an absolutely high lead over Canon in CMOS sensors. The company will make this sensor available to use in consumer cameras.