The well-known yellow Nokia 8110 phone keeps adding changes. Since it went on sale last year, the basic functions that this phone brought with clear retro air have been updating new features that are revealing over time and break the schemes that one can do at first sight.

Apparently, now in the Nokia 8110 4G model, you can now use WhatsApp in India, but it will not be long until the rest of the countries to get the rollout. With the latest Nokia 8110 firmware update, the possibility of using the most popular messaging application has been added.

The operating system used is KaiOS, based on Linux, and is focused on phones of these characteristics. It works very quickly and allows the use of some basic applications that make the appearance of the mobile phone deceptive.

WhatsApp will join the possibility of using YouTube or Google search that was already allowed in the Nokia 8810. In addition, the connection options available to the mobile are numerous: WiFi, NFC, 4G, and Bluetooth.

The functions of WhatsApp in Nokia 8110 will be the basic ones in messaging, groups, voice notes and photography, and video. The default of existing hardware in the model is used to the maximum so that users are encouraged to install the application.

To be able to use WhatsApp in the Nokia 8110 you need the KaiOS version to be 2.5.1 or higher and, for the moment, to be in India. But surely soon it will be available also here. This phone does not stop surprising.