Users who have used Xiaomi mobile phones know that, one of the main advantages of buying a Xiaomi mobile phone is not the high-cost performance but more importantly, a fine-grained Android customization system, the excellent operation experience of Xiaomi MIUI that has made many people use it.

Hence, Xiaomi has accumulated a large number of loyal users in the past few years. With the in-depth development of MIUI 11, Lei Jun has also continuously asked users for opinions on the Internet and made suggestions for the direction of the next-generation MIUI changes.

The MIUI system has a strong performance in the experience, but the shortcomings often mentioned by some users are once again brought out in this collection of suggestions. That is the ads that is ridiculed by many people, in its advertising system.

In the promotion and renewal of many years, the increasingly perfect function of MIUI, the implantation of advertisements has also increased greatly. This should be felt by people who have used Xiaomi mobile phones for a long time. There are many places where mobile phones are open. However, this is also a part of commercialization.

In order to solve the pain point of users, Lei Jun has already talked about the person in charge of MIUI. In the three-hour interview, Lei Jun promised to focus on solving these points for users, including MIUI advertising. Since Lei Jun has the desire to experience the upper-level users more in the MIUI system, this is also a good thing. After all, no one wants to use the mobile phone to suddenly turn to an advertising position.

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