At MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2019 in Paris, Huawei launches the industry’s first intelligent metro router series – NetEngine 8000, to meet the branched out assistance and the havoc connections required in the 5G and cloud era. Huawei has announced its new intelligent metro router series, the NetEngine 8000 to help operators build simplified and intelligent metro networks required for the 5G and cloud era.

Just months back Huawei announced a collection of new chips and devices designed to make strong use of the next-generation cellular standard, notably including data speeds that may surpass competing products from rivals. For consumers, the biggest news may be a foldable 5G smartphone, but powerful new 5G base stations and the chips powering them are also intriguing.

Today, the company has built a simplified and intelligent metro network with a converged transport solution, ultra-large capacity, end-to-end SRv6, and full-lifecycle automation. As per GSMA contends there will be 1.3 billion 5G users and 1.36 billion 5G mobile devices worldwide by 2025 that will enable to cover around 40% with 5G network.

Years of IP industry experience have enabled Huawei to innovatively develop the industry’s first intelligent metro router that offers with the largest capacity, SRv6-ready, and full-lifecycle intelligent automation – Kevin Hu, President of Huawei’s Data Communications Product Line

However, Huawei has already won 30 commercial 5G contracts across the globe, shipping 25,000 5G base stations. The NetEngine 8000 series comes with SRv6 that can manage massive connective thus allowing operators to smoothly evolve from MPLS to SRv6.

The NetEngine 8000 series is Huawei’s smart metro routers for the 5G and cloud ages hence pioneering intelligent IP networking.