On Tuesday, Uber launched an initiative that makes taking and paying for cars more easier for business travelers and the companies footing for their bills. A new initiative instead of printing out receipts for Uber trips. Through this, a company can seamlessly set up an account with Uber, complete with corporate payment info, then invite employees to join the account.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Uber offers its new initiative to help any company sponsor transportation, as said by Ronnie Gurion, global head at Uber for Business, in a blog post. Uber Vouchers can be pretty used for anything from constituting part of a company’s reward-based system for existing customers, to use it as a perk to attract new customers.

To make use of it, you have to verify your work e-mail address and then toggle between options depending on the essential purpose of your ride. It’s worth noting that Uber has offered gift cards, Uber free rides and coupons already, which could be technically used as part of a company’s promotional efforts but the initiative is not designed with that use-case in mind. With the Vouchers, Uber is specifically targeting businesses with a centralized web-based management console that will make it easier to manage their marketing and customer service-related offerings that require getting customers from A to B.

Uber Vouchers RidersApart from being a ride-hail app for the general public, Uber has also long-evolved to cater specifically to businesses way back in 2014. The San Francisco-based company launched Uber for Business, which lets employees bill their Uber trips directly to their employer.

Once Uber brings forth its new initiative for the businesses in all the cities where the company currently operates, Uber is poised to become the transportation mode of choice for international road warriors.

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