Reliance Jio announced the launch of a digital product called Jio News. It is a consolidated offering of JioXpressNews, JioMags, and JioNewsPaper with an additional offering of live TV and videos. All existing users of these apps will be migrated to Jio News.

Jio News has been completely redesigned to offer a lot more content. It not only features news from online publications but also offers a vast collection of international as well as Indian newspapers and magazines. It also provides access to various live TV channels and the latest trending videos from the web.

The service is available in 13 languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and more. Reliance Jio says it uses machine learning to suggest articles to users. The app is divided into four sections: Home, News, Newsstand, and TV & Video. It also offers digital copies of more than 250 local newspapers and more than 150 TV news channels, the company said.
Jio users will have premium access to all the features of the JioNews app. Non-Jio users can access all the elements in the app by just logging in to it during the trial period.

The JioNews app is available for Android as well as iOS devices through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. Both Android and iOS versions of the JioExpressNews app have been redesigned and launched as JioNews.

Right now, the app is offering a free 90-day subscription to new users, but it is still not clear how much the premium subscription will cost after the completion of the free trial period.