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Google partnered with Anker; to bring more safety while getting the facility to check text messages, make phone calls or finding the nearest coffee shop and more with Anker Roav Bolt. The search giant launched a new class of assistant devices to ameliorate the experience of a car driving by adding dedicated mics.

At CES, earlier, the first two in-cars Google Assistant devices were announced — the JBL Link Drive and the Anker Roav Bolt. Both products are designed to bring Google Assistant to your car, but Anker’s is the first to become widely available.

Connecting to the car’s cigarette lighter it can do pretty much everything Assistant on your phone can do, like playing music from streaming services, starting Google Maps navigation, listening to the news, and more.

The new device has a microphone array that can probably hear your voice commands much better than your phone’s dinky microphone. Anker’s Roav Bolt also functions as a USB charger, capable of pumping out 5V/2.4A per port. It would have been likely to see at least one Type-C port with 5V/3A, but that’s still better than JBL’s upcoming Assistant car device, which only has a single 5V/2.1A port.

The Anker Roav Bolt costs $49.99 and will also be available at Best Buy, Target, and WalMart in the coming weeks. Launched today, the device is available on Android, and in beta on iOS. Downloading the app from the App Store will enable users to pair the Roav Bolt, but interactions might be slower compared to Android.

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