Have you ever tried posting contents on YouTube? How did it go? Was it good, bad or an ugly experience? Posting contents on YouTube can be a breakthrough period or a disheartening one.

As a content marketer or promoter, using YouTube is one of the surest ways to sell your brand to a broader public. The more people watch your video; they become aware of your brand or YouTube channel.

So, after uploading a video, you expect it to reach as many people as possible. But this is not always the case especially when you get the fundamentals wrong.

Most people and brands feel disappointment when they don’t meet their targets. Some even decide to quit.

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But wait, before you quit, read these 4 key features to make your YouTube content pop.

1.Make a Quality Video with Powerful Intro

You can’t just post anything on YouTube and expect to have a larger audience. No, it doesn’t work that way. To have your YouTube content pop, it should be of high quality with an interesting intro. Yes, the intro is the lifeline of your video.

Intros determine whether visitors would continue watching your upload or quit. It should, therefore, be attractive and catchy. Gone are the days when making an intro was a headache. Choosing the right intro maker for YouTube makes the work faster and easier.

2.Think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is not going down anytime soon as far as content creation still exists. To succeed in the online market space, SEO should be one of your priority areas. Optimizing your YouTube videos is a way of getting your content pop in searches. Your video won’t only pop but will also attract more views. Areas to optimize include your title, thumbnail, and the video description. Learn more on YouTube video optimizing here.

3.Add a Strong Keyword

Search engines operate on keywords. The stronger your keywords, the higher the chances of your videos showing up. YouTube can do anything, but cannot detect the keywords in your videos. Therefore, include these keywords to your description, title, and tags. So whenever someone types that keyword, your video may also show up.

Note that your keywords must flow in the description naturally and not forced. You shouldn’t also overuse them. When keywords are overused, it becomes stuffing, and that hurts your ranking.

4.Use Concise, Catchy and Descriptive Titles

Don’t make your titles too long or short. No one wants to type long when searching for a video. That said, if your title is too short, people might think it’s not what they are searching for. Your title should be at most 120 characters to be catchy.

Also, the title must descriptive by reflecting precisely what your video is about. Never try to deceive people with false titles. Once you do that, your brand or channel will pay the price.

I believe these four features can help you in your next YouTube video post. Though making a YouTube content pop may seem like a herculean task, adhering to these fundamentals will do the trick.

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