Before moving on, let’s discuss why do you need to hack a Wi-Fi. The answer is straightforward. To satisfy our requirement of a high-speed internet connection and that too without paying the price. However, due to the increase in hacking activities, companies who manufacture routers have increased their device’s security protocol which prevents hacking the routers just by using simple tools. In this article, we shall discuss the top 9 apps which will enable you to gain free access to the nearby network and enjoy free Wi-Fi using only your Android device.

Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester

Wi Fi WPS WPA Tester

In our following list, this is the very first app which you will find on Google Play Store. Developed by Saniorgl SRL, this is quite a popular app for hacking Wi-Fi. However, the app was not intended to hack a Wi-Fi network. Its main intention was to check a Wi-Fi network and scan for vulnerabilities.


Aircrack ng

A trusted and reliable app used and trusted by many hackers. Widely used over the Ubuntu operating system. Since Ubuntu and Android are both Linux based, hence it was designed again and released by enthusiastic Android developers.



This app is quite notorious and well known for its ability to crack the security of a device. Although developed to check for vulnerabilities, it later got converted into a password hacker app. It uses the WPS PIN to block the access point’s connection.



Available for different OS other than Android, the app is meant for network security scanning. Used mostly by ethical hackers for scanning network exploitations. Although it works on both rooted as well as non-rooted device, for rooted devices, the app offers excellent features.

Wi-Fi Inspect

Developed for professionals in computer security, it is also used by advanced users and ethical hackers to control and monitor their networks or networks they want to control. This is not precisely a hacking app. It’s more like an app meant for security auditing.



It is widely used for finding out vulnerabilities in a Wi-Fi network. Can be considered as a testing suite for penetrating Wi-Fi. You can also use it to control as well as analyze the system you own and get all kinds of information. Apart from hacking other people’s Wi-Fi, you can also use it to control the devices which are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.



The developer ensured further enhancement of this app by releasing it and making it open source. Mostly used for auditing networks, the mechanism of this app is quite simple. It works by broadcasting fake ARP messages and redirecting the packets via a local network. The only drawback is the user interface of the app. It is quite outdated when compared to the latest apps.

Wi-Fi Kill

It is a multipurpose app used by people who work on computer security. Very similar to an app called net cut available for Windows. Wi-Fi kill APK can cut off anyone who is using your Wi-Fi network. The app has a very friendly and easy to use UI which makes it quite accessible. When you have open Wi-Fi, this app is quite useful if your network does not have strong password protection. With a few clicks with your device, you can cut off any intruder.


Just like Wi-Fi Kill, this also does the same job. It was initially available for Windows, but recently the developers released it for Android as well. The fact that makes it advantageous over Wi-Fi kill is, if you use the paid version, it protects your Wi-Fi from other users using NetCut or similar software.

The apps that we listed here are not meant for hacking and only listed for the educational purpose. Hence we did not share the working principles. If you want to use them, do it at your own risk. This article is not responsible for any bugs or hacks.

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