The new Nismo of Nissan will give much to talk about, as it has been conceived in the most implacable testing field for any vehicle, namely the race track. Throughout the years, the Nissan GT-R has been adjusted, and its appearance evolved in order to provide better performance and a fresher image. That is why the Japanese firm has brought its stand at the 2019 New York Motor Show to the best sporting exponent of the brand, and it comes a little lighter in weight, dressed in the material of a thousand wonders: the fiber of carbon.

In order to increase its aerodynamic coefficient and therefore make it faster, the manufacturer has applied a new kit that reduces frontal elevation. Therefore incorporates a new front bumper that attaches a lower splitter. It also has a front fender that includes ventilation slits that allow the heat generated by the engine to be extracted and, in turn, provide additional aerodynamic force in the front tires. To this is added new side covers, roof, and bonnet. We can not forget the rear spoiler and some new RAYS 20-inch wheels made of forged aluminum and covered with Dunlop tires. All this has achieved a weight reduction of about 30kg compared to the outgoing generation.

In its interior, it has several pieces that also lighten its weight, among them are the new Recaro sports seats and a steering wheel that offers more precision than before. In its motorization maintains the same propeller 3.8 bi-turbo V6 that offers 600 HP and 652 Nm of torque. However, where there are changes is in the turbos that incorporate a separate collector for better breathing and modified turbines with fewer blades.

The 6-speed double clutch transmission remains, although it has been revised in its ‘R’ mode in order to make a faster change. Also, it obtains improvements in the suspension, the system of the escape of titanium and new rotors of greater size in its ceramic brakes of the Brembo signature. Its sales will come during the summer although its price has not yet been revealed by Nissan.

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