Sony designs a bag and backpack with a flexible display

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With the advent of flexible displays creates the opportunity to develop completely new products. A good example of this is, of course, the foldable smartphones, but the flexible displays can be used for many more applications. The Japanese Sony comes with a special gift, according to a recently published patent.

Sony bags with a display that can show animations

The patent entitled ‘Display Module’ was applied for in 2017 by Sony Corporation and was published by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) on March 21, 2019. The patent shows a flexible display that is integrated into a bag. Think of a ladies handbag, a shoulder bag, but also a backpack for example.

The patented Sony bag has a flexible display module. It is an e-Paper display. This type of screen is also used for eReaders. An electronic-paper screen requires less power consumption, requires less background lighting and is also thinner and more flexible than an LCD screen, the patent description states.

Sony Bags

A switch is provided on the bag, with which the user can easily change the display pattern. The switch can be a slide switch, but also, for example, a push button or a touch sensor. With the handbag it is placed directly under the shoulder strap, with the backpack it is on the back, on the shoulder strap.

A so-called automatic mode and a manual mode are available and can display different predefined patterns. In addition to a display and a battery, the Sony bag is also equipped with an acceleration sensor and a temperature sensor. These sensors determine which patterns currently suit the occasion best. Then you will see a colorful pattern.

The flexible screen is attached to the bag through various contact points and can also be removed if desired. This way, one display can be used for several bags. Thanks to the use of an inner bag, the screen and battery will remain undamaged, even when the bag is heavier loaded.

Control backpack display via a smartphone app

The idea of ​​a bag with a display is not entirely new. Last year the Pix backpack was released, as the world’s first smart animated backpack. If the screen is off, you have a regular backpack at your disposal. If you use the corresponding smartphone app, you can turn on the large color display on the back of the backpack. With the Pix backpack, you can display animations and photos and even play games. A fantastic gadget for young people to show off at the schoolyard.

Whether Sony actually intends to put such a bag on the market is as yet unknown. Sony naturally has different types of bags in its range, especially for photographic equipment, which certainly makes it impossible.

In any case, it is clear that in the coming years we will be able to buy more and more products with a (flexible) screen built in. In addition, more and more products – including our clothing – will be equipped with sensors, such as smart sports shoes or a smart shirt. This way movements can be monitored, ideal for sports applications.

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