Twitter has taken steps to change their desktop website. It has recently redesigned its microblogging website. Twitter rolled out a fresh User Interface designed which offers a lighter and compact look but bad luck! Not to all Twitterati.

The new improvements include customizable features like two columns other than three with a larger timeline that provides with an airier look. Some other improvements that had been made available piecemeal also include the option to change the size of the text along with the option to switch to dark mode. Moments can be accessed on the home page, slightly above, right side to the tweet bar with easy emoji button, quick keyboard shortcuts, upgraded trends, advanced search, and more.

The redesign which was supposed to roll out in January which has at last launched to some of its users where there are still other users who are getting a layout with a third, static column that holds the standard tools such as notifications and messages.

twitter sneak a peek welcome message

Twitter claimed its revenue jumped 18 percent to $787 million in the first quarter of this year compared to last year, while its monthly active users went down to 330 million, a year-on-year drop of six million.

This is not the final changes. In actuality, Twitter is still testing the differences in terms of interface and new changes. However, users took on to Twitter, mostly asking the top microblogging site to roll back the feature.