The vehicle cameras have been made compulsory in many countries, and hence Xiaomi has completed the work of a new vehicle camera DDPAI miniONE Dashcam with night vision. But this is not the first dashcam to be released; this version is an upgraded model with night vision capabilities but many of the Dash cameras that are for cars are not able to record clean videos at night.

The vehicle cameras, which have become virtually dysfunctional during the night due to the resolution, can record 24 hours of high quality with the night vision feature in the Xiaomi miniONE Dashcam. Xiaomi plans to get ahead of its rivals thanks to the camera’s night vision. Besides, with the night vision, road accidents could be avoided which only were possible during the day.

The camera comes in a small size that can be rotated 360 ° manually, which makes it easier to not only record video out of the car but also within it. The camera is equipped with a voice recognition system, and you can use voice commands to take pictures and videos, and even pause the device and perform other functions.

The DDPAI miniONE Dashcam Night Vision features the Sony IMX307 image sensor with 2.9um pixel size and aperture at F /1.8. The dash camera features 6-level lenses that greatly enhance sensitivity. The camera can achieve night vision at the wolf-eye level. Whether it’s low light or intense light, the traffic signs of the cars and the sidewalks are still visible. With its gravity sensor, when emergency braking or collision is detected, the video is protected well, and the recording is not superimposed to be available when it is needed to be viewed.

The Xiaomi miniONE Dashcam has internal memory and does not need a different memory card. The DDPAI miniONE Dashcam Night Vision Version will come in two options, the 16GB version costs 299 yuan ($ 44), and the 32GB version is available for 369 yuan ($ 54) that will be officially available on Xiaomi Youpin.