TikTok Restored with new features and revamped notification

May 2, 2019, 9:43 am

Moupiya D.

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On April 30, TikTok was restored on the app stores, it was the 90th most downloaded app on the Google Play Store in India and the 13th among the category of social apps reports the analytics platform App Annie. It had become the 15th most downloaded application in India, and the 4th most among social apps.

This time around, the popular short video platform is more focused on online safety and the safety of the user in general.

TikTok is trying to help its millions of users to feel safe and comfortable within the community, which is why it is continuously revamping and updating its policies, tools, and resources to promote a positive and safe app environment – TikTok

On Wednesday, TikTok announced that it would be further enhancing user awareness by launching another in-app quiz in India to provide account safety tips to users. This would be TikTok’s second in-app quiz for user safety in India, and the same is available on TikTok throughout Europe, EMEA, and Asia. TikTok claims that the quiz saw much success and was taken by almost 5 million TikTok users who were interested in knowing about their safety IQ.

TikTok is available in 150 global markets including via the App Store or Google Play stores. Further, between May 01 and May 16, the app is offering users who download the app a chance to win Rs1 lakh.

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