Google Chrome 75 beta for Android devices is now available. In this version of the popular browser, you will find an improved dark mode. Then we have Web Share API Level 2. In addition, Chrome 75 also introduces minor modifications and improvements. Google added, among others Service Workers in the browser task manager.

Currently is in the beta Chrome 75 will be available in a stable version in the coming few weeks. In this installment, we find, among other improvements including dark mode, which was introduced on Android devices with the release with the number 74. This is not the end of the news, because there are more.

Google Chrome 75 beta actually introduces some fixes for dark mode. You can see it well on the following screenshots that have made available. On the right, there is a new version of the browser and we see that the text on the cards has been corrected, which is white. It was black before, as seen on the left. Activation of the dark mode still involves the need for toggling appropriate flag. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Android Q, which will natively support dark mode, will be available in the final version only around August.

The Chrome version introduces support for Web Share API Level 2. This allows websites to add links or text for Android applications. In the second level, they can also be images. Service Workers in the browser task manager have also been added. Developers also received more options for animation on websites. A stable version of the application with this number will be made available in a few weeks.