In recent times Mozilla has strongly slowed the development of Firefox for Android. In fact, the Foundation has decided to work on a new browser, Fenix, which will have the task of completely replacing the current Browser on Android.

And in the last hours, probably to try to push as much as possible on the development of the new Browser and collect the first real feedback from the end users, Mozilla has published in the Play Store the private beta (or better a nightly) of Fenix.

The new browser, currently called Firefox Preview, seems to be already quite fast and snappy, showing superior quality in daily use compared to those currently offered by the stable Firefox version.

Among the many new features, as already noted in other previews, Mozilla has moved the navigation bar down, making it easier to interact with the menu and the address bar. And it has included the ability to save browsing sessions as if they were collections. Finally, there is a dark theme that will be activated in line with system settings.

If you intend to test the Fenix ​​beta it will be mandatory to make several recordings. First, you will need to join the Google Fenix ​​Nightly group, after which you will have to activate the Beta version within the Play Store.

The other big change is that the “Guest Session” function, which has disabled access to personal information (passwords, bookmarks, history, etc.) by default, has been removed altogether. Mozilla recommends instead of using private browsing or switching to a guest session directly at the system level on Android.

Together with Fenix, Mozilla then released Firefox 67 for Android which among the new features sees the integration of a new search widget. The feature that a couple of years ago was also introduced by Google with Chrome and that led to a cause antitrust against the same company in Russia. The other novelty of Firefox 67 is the removal of the Guest Session feature, perhaps to further encourage the use of the private session.