The best smart thermostats by price range you can buy now

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Are you thinking about buying a smart thermostat for your house? Here you will find the most recommended models by price range to choose the one that best suits your needs. The connected home is no longer a thing of the future or for a few users, and more and more people are buying smart devices for their home. If this is your case, surely buying a smart thermostat is something that you have already raised.

An intelligent thermostat is a device that replaces the conventional thermostat that you have at home and that offers you a series of advantages. The most outstanding is that they allow you to save on energy consumption, and therefore on the electricity or gas bill.

This is because intelligent thermostats are equipped with a series of sensors to assess environmental conditions and are able to learn from your routines. Thanks to this, they configure automatic programming of the ideal temperature for your home according to the time of day and the day of the week. In this way, you are always comfortable when you are at home and do not waste energy when you are out or in bed.

Another advantage of intelligent thermostats is that they are equipped with WiFi connectivity, so you can easily control them at any time and place through an app for your mobile or computer. In addition, most of the models available in the market are compatible with the main voice assistants, so you can also control them by giving instructions to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri.

Of course, keep in mind that installing the smart thermostat in your home requires some expertise since it is necessary to connect the cables properly and this can be difficult. If you are not sure how it is done, ask the manufacturer of the thermostat if you have a technical service for them to put it on or contact an installer specialized in boilers and heating of your confidence.

Best intelligent thermostats for cheap:

TV programmable thermostat

TV Thermostat is the cheapest thermostat with a WiFi connection that we recommend. Although it does not offer you the intelligent functions that you will find in the models of other price range. It allows you to control the temperature from the mobile anytime and anywhere, which is precisely the function that many users seek. If this is your case and you do not ask anything else to the device, then this model is for you.

It has programmable periods so that you can automate the heating at certain times, for example leaving a lower temperature at night or when you go to work, or higher when you are at home. The device can be controlled by the touch screen, with the app for mobile devices or through the browser. It has a very simple and intuitive interface so it will not be difficult to use it. In addition, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control it with voice commands through the smart speaker in your home.

Houzetek thermostat

If you want to spend less than $100 and do not mind that the device does not have advanced features, the Houzetek model is one of the best smart thermostats you can buy. It is a programmable WiFi thermostat that you can control from anywhere using the app for mobile devices or from your computer’s browser. In addition, it supports Google Home and Alexa so you can handle it with voice commands.

It offers you the option to set different temperatures for the days of the week and weekends, with up to six different time settings for each day. It has protection against overheating by means of two external sensors, which automatically stop the heating in case the temperature is too high.

Netatmo intelligent thermostat

The intelligent thermostat of Netatmo is currently the best seller of Amazon Europe and has an interesting quality-price ratio. It is installed replacing the conventional thermostat and is able to learn from your routines to adjust the temperature when you leave home, when you return and when you are in bed. In addition, it also takes into account the temperature outside to adjust the heating optimally.

According to the manufacturer, it can help you save an average of 37% of energy expenditure on heating thanks to its personalized program based on your daily routine. In addition, you have the ability to track the savings through the history of energy consumption that you can see in the app. You can control the Netatmo intelligent thermostat from the screen, through the mobile app and browser anytime, anywhere, with the voice assistants Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, and also from Facebook Messenger.

Tado V3 smart thermostat

The Tado V3 smart thermostat is another of the most recommended models for your home. This device is installed replacing the conventional thermostat to control the boiler, and to handle the radiators in various rooms is complemented with intelligent heads.

Once installed, the Tado smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature to your liking through the mobile app anytime, anywhere. It is also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, which allows you to manage your heating using voice commands.

In addition, thanks to its intelligent functions are able to know when the house is empty to lower the heating and save energy. It has intelligent programming to adjust the temperature at night and when you are at home with open window detector to turn off the Heating and do not waste energy, and puts detailed reports at your disposal.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat, Google’s intelligent thermostat, is one of the pioneering devices and therefore could not be absent from this list. Nest, the company of intelligent products for the home that Google acquired in 2014, launched in Europe in 2017. The Nest Learning Thermostat is your most iconic device, which is currently in its third generation.

The great advantage of this thermostat is that it has the ability to learn from your habits and routines to be programmed automatically and help you reduce the electricity and gas bill. You only have to use the device for a week and it will memorize the temperature at which you like to be at home, you will know when you are out and adjust the heating to save energy.

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