Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 12,653,888
    Confirmed: 12,653,888
    Active: 4,702,592
    Recovered: 7,387,778
    Death: 563,518
  • USA 3,292,257
    Confirmed: 3,292,257
    Active: 1,694,931
    Recovered: 1,460,644
    Death: 136,682
  • Brazil 1,804,338
    Confirmed: 1,804,338
    Active: 520,302
    Recovered: 1,213,512
    Death: 70,524
  • India 823,927
    Confirmed: 823,927
    Active: 285,436
    Recovered: 516,338
    Death: 22,153
  • Russia 720,547
    Confirmed: 720,547
    Active: 211,896
    Recovered: 497,446
    Death: 11,205
  • Peru 319,646
    Confirmed: 319,646
    Active: 97,508
    Recovered: 210,638
    Death: 11,500
  • Chile 309,274
    Confirmed: 309,274
    Active: 24,440
    Recovered: 278,053
    Death: 6,781
  • Spain 300,988
    Confirmed: 300,988
    Active: 272,585
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,403
  • Mexico 289,174
    Confirmed: 289,174
    Active: 77,886
    Recovered: 177,097
    Death: 34,191
  • UK 288,133
    Confirmed: 288,133
    Active: 243,483
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,650
  • Iran 255,117
    Confirmed: 255,117
    Active: 24,816
    Recovered: 217,666
    Death: 12,635
  • South Africa 250,687
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 250,687
    Active: 128,595
    Recovered: 118,232
    Death: 3,860
  • Pakistan 246,351
    Confirmed: 246,351
    Active: 88,094
    Recovered: 153,134
    Death: 5,123
  • Italy 242,639
    Confirmed: 242,639
    Active: 13,428
    Recovered: 194,273
    Death: 34,938
  • Saudi Arabia 226,486
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 226,486
    Active: 61,309
    Recovered: 163,026
    Death: 2,151
  • Turkey 210,965
    Confirmed: 210,965
    Active: 13,759
    Recovered: 191,883
    Death: 5,323
  • Germany 199,588
    Confirmed: 199,588
    Active: 5,958
    Recovered: 184,500
    Death: 9,130
  • Bangladesh 181,129
    Confirmed: 181,129
    Active: 90,790
    Recovered: 88,034
    Death: 2,305
  • France 170,752
    Confirmed: 170,752
    Active: 62,360
    Recovered: 78,388
    Death: 30,004
  • Canada 107,126
    Confirmed: 107,126
    Active: 27,466
    Recovered: 70,901
    Death: 8,759
  • China 83,587
    Confirmed: 83,587
    Active: 330
    Recovered: 78,623
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 50,840
    Confirmed: 50,840
    Active: 44,704
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,136
  • S. Korea 13,373
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,373
    Active: 941
    Recovered: 12,144
    Death: 288
  • Australia 9,549
    Confirmed: 9,549
    Active: 1,712
    Recovered: 7,730
    Death: 107
  • New Zealand 1,543
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,543
    Active: 24
    Recovered: 1,497
    Death: 22

Tips for writing a qualified blog comment to get approved

Author at TechGenyz Tips
Guest Post Comment

Blog commenting is becoming a good source or technique for off-page SEO. It cannot be considered as the “Do follow” SEO. In reality, it provides assistance in boosting the traffic on the website and avail several benefits. Many bloggers and website owners are taking help from blog commenting sites for all these things.

What is blog commenting?

For some individuals, blog commenting is a new term. It is a technique or strategy by which you can create some backlinks. Here, the interested ones are required to place comments on posts of other bloggers. While placing the comment, the users need to focus on various elements.

The comment should be genuine and informative. It never becomes a good deal to place a comment with spam links or fake information. These types of activities will never become a good source for getting better results. Commenting is the way through which you can contact to blogger and ask them for guest posting sites.

Tips for a better comment

Many users are trying to gather details regarding tips by which they can form qualified and best comments. In case the blogger finds the comment irrelevant or spammy then he/she may not approve it. Following are some tips for posting qualified comments.

1. Simple and short

First of all, individuals need to make sure that their comments are short and simple. In case you are writing lengthy comments without any kind of understanding then it leads to rejection only. Here, the users are not able to achieve objectives.

2. Check grammar and spell

In the blog comments, the comments are representing you and your services. Everyone needs to be careful when they are going to upload the comment. Mainly they should keep the comment-free form basic errors such as - incorrect spells or grammatical mistakes.

If the comment is free from all these errors then it can be easily approved by the high PR blogs. Placing a comment on a high PR blog is a great source for traffic.

3. Profile creation

While placing the comments on high PR blogs the users need to be clear regarding their profile. They are required to create an impressive profile by adding real image and information. If the data is real then bloggers can approve the comment without any kind of issue.

4. Don’t use spam content

When you are following the blog commenting strategy then being polite is a key to achieve success. In case you are working with the addition of different types of fake or spam content then it leads to various issues. You should try to be genuine every time.

5. Share personal details

Try to add some personal details in the comments such as - experiences, education, profession, success and so on. All these things are useful in getting that how much you are capable of doing effective work. It leads to a good impression on the high PR bloggers to get approval.

6. Choose manual sources

Some bloggers are taking help of automatic tools for blog commenting. Mainly they are trying to save lots of time. But sometimes, the tools are creating spam comments by which the bloggers reject it. As a result, it creates bad reputation in front of others.

7. Be relevant

Always try to make the comment relevant by which other users can find it informative and willing to access the associated links. For all these things, you are required to understand the blog on which you are going to comment. On behalf of the blog’s topic or content, the professionals should create their own comment and post it.

These are some major tips by which you can form quality comments that can be approved by high PR blogs quickly.

Final words

Upcoming details can assist you in getting more traffic. During all these things, you should keep in mind that it is related to the language of the comment. The comment should be written in understandable language or way. In case the readers do not understand your language then they cannot proceed further. Consequently, users cannot boost traffic. You should be specific and informative.

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