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5 top mobile apps for your car in 2019

May 26, 2019, 5:46 pm

Whether you have an older car, or you’ve just bought a swanky new car with all the latest tech features, your humble mobile phone can still add to your driving experience. Here are the top mobile apps to download for your car this year.


Good Ol’ Waze still tops the list when it comes to car apps. With Waze, you’ll always know what’s happening on the road. You’ll know where the traffic is before you hit it, as well as construction, police, and crashes. If you’re headed straight for traffic, Waze will change your route to save you time. That’s really why Waze is still one of the best and most useful car apps in 2019. Best yet, it’s free.


Radarbot is the only app that combines real-time alerts with speed camera detection using GPS. It’s 100% legal so you can forget about fines while on the road. You’ll be updated about fixed speed cameras, potential mobile cameras (reported by users), tunnel cameras, traffic light cameras, and dangerous traffic areas. The speed camera database is updated every day to ensure you’re never caught out. The app is under $10 and there is also a free version available so you can try before you buy.


FIXD is a top pick because it’s handy for every driver, no matter the type of car you have. FIXD translates your car problems into simple, understandable terms. If you’ve run into car trouble, FIXD will let you know the severity of the issue and the consequences of continued driving. You’ll also get helpful reminders to let you know when your car is due for maintenance. While we recommend that most anyone download FIXD as it can help to extend the life of your vehicle, it’s particularly helpful for those with older cars or for those in the market to buy a used vehicle. It’s also free (with in-app purchases).

Find My Car Smarter

If you’re constantly saying “Dude, where’s my car?” then Find My Car Smarter is the app for you. Using Bluetooth Smart, the app wirelessly connects to the Find My Car Smarter device. After you’ve parked your car and turned off your engine, the device, powered by your cigarette lighter turns off, after momentarily saving your car’s location. You’ll never have to wander around and around a parking lot again looking for your car. Simply open the app and you’ll be navigated back to your car. Free in the app store.

Logbook by Veryfi

If you’re frequently or infrequently on the road for work then you really need to make sure you’re tracking your time for tax purposes. All you need to do is turn on the app when you start driving and all your business-related travel will be automatically tracked and recorded. This is a seriously handy app for small-business owners and the self-employed or anyone else who needs to hit the road for work. Logbook complies with tax requirements in the US and Australia as well as other countries. It’s free in the app store.

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