Xiaomi, in collaboration with VH, has released a portable mobile power bank which also integrates a makeup mirror. Nowadays, having a power bank has become practically essential, especially if it is integrated into another useful article such as this new portable makeup mirror that also has a capacity of 3,000mAh and a mirror with LED lighting.

This new powerbank / mirror comes in a compact size of 85x76x17mm and 145 grams. Some measures that have been studied carefully so that you can hold comfortably without influencing too much weight to have battery bars inside.

For the new mini device not only can it be loaded into a girl’s small bag but with the built-in 3000mAh polymer battery, input and output are 5V/1A, it can be used for emergency charging of smartphones and devices.

The VH 2-in-1 Power Bank Makeup Mirror comes with a 12 high-brightness LED lamp beads, which emits a color temperature and light that simulates natural light, making the light uniform and natural that can be adjusted according to the need. The 2x magnifying glass design, adds just the right details, make the details of the makeup more refined.

The VH Makeup Mirror Mobile Power has a price of 129 yuan for sale through AliExpress, being available in color marine water, coral and green.