Is Kinsta Managed Hosting is something you can look at in 2021? Here the answer is yes! You can definitely go for Kinsta Hosting in 2021 if you run a site on WordPress either it is personal or commercial. Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting is one of the best or efficient hosting solutions for high traffic WordPress websites.

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Nowadays Kinsta made website hosting is fairly simple for professional or businesses. For example: Brands like Intuit, Asos host their sites on Kinsta. Also, it has a fast and easy installation process for beginners. Let’s explore this even more and see how Kinsta Managed Hosting is a great choice to look over.

1. Get one-click staging environments

Most web hosting providers today engaged with the complicated or time-consuming process of copying your website locally, testing and then sort out how to implement the changes back. However, Kinsta has come up with a one-click staging environment which is specially designed to make the testing experience easier and convenient.

The staging site is actually a copy of your live website which avails you a background to test new plugins, code modification and so on. Your staging site is then reachable with a test URL and with all typical ways like SSH, FTP, etc. Once you are ready with testing and other useful modification, you can then propel all changes to your live site from within the dashboard by simply clicking a button.

2. Collection of high-security features

Via Kinsta Managed Hosting solution you will get very high-end security for WordPress sites. As it involves Google Cloud Platform which showcases that you get the advantage of a powerful security model, i.e., at present secures products or services such as Gmail, etc. Not even this, Kinsta too uses LXD and LXC (Linux containers) to organize them, on top of Google cloud platform which allows to entirely isolate not only every account. You will get encryption to store consumer data except for the server-level security your account is also significant.

Website Security

Hence you should have to make sure that whatever hosting path you go you can avail two-factor authentication. Here Kinsta is united with Authy and have two-factor authentication accessible through your MyKinsta dashboard. It gives free hack repair, as well as malware removal plus, has software to identify DDoS attacks once happen. And hardware firewalls have strict software-based limits to guard your site.

3. Developer-friendly interface

Another plus point about Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting is that you get access to developer-friendly features that you may not obtain via the shared host. It comprises features like HeidiSQL, SSH, Sequel Pro, Composer or Git. Here Kinsta allows you to access your SSH connection information by your MyKinsta dashboard counting these bonus developer features:

Developer Friendly Interface
  • Compatible with various versions of PHP to run among sites and staging sites.
  • Have custom setups support, i.e., Bedrock along with reverse proxy configurations
  • More rapid performance as well as search through add-ons such as Cloudflare Railgun, Elasticsearch, and Redis

Even Kinsta architecture supports WP-CLI a very well known tool in the WordPress community. It’s a command-line tool for managing numerous aspects of a WordPress installation. That is it can add or remove users, insert test data, search and customize database, etc. For most of the developers, WP-CLI seems like a dream come true.

4. Optimized for high-performance

A Kinsta Managed Hosting infrastructure is basically fine-tuned to work with WordPress as compared to other hosting providers to make sure that WordPress runs as speedy as possible. For instance – a famous survey predicts that on Twitter with more than 100 votes, 63 percent of the audience chooses performance as the quality they worth most in a managed WordPress host.

Optimized High Performance in Hosting

High performance managed WordPress host moreover gives you with the newest and best architecture/technology. It consists of using the modern versions of PHP 7, MariaDB, NGINX and HTTP/2 which have all confirmed to be one of the quickest combinations for WordPress.

It is the foremost WordPress hosting provider to completely utilize the Google Cloud Platform along with their premium tier network. The load time can decrease much on clients’ site (about 75 percent decreases) after they move on to Google Cloud Platform.

5. Avail free SSL certificates with auto-renewal

Kinsta also gives free SSL certificates through “Let’s Encrypt” both SSL and HTTPS make your site more protected by encrypting the data transmitted among visitors’ browsers and your website’s server. You can install the SSL certificate within a few steps, and once you are done, Kinsta will automatically renew it so that it never gets expires.

SSL Certificate

6. Automatic backups Available

What might you do if you by chance lose overall data? That’s why you should always have to be ready for the worst-case, and this takes in all-time having backups of your WordPress website.

Automatic Backups in Hosting

Kinsta provides automatic backups of WordPress websites for free, and no extra setup is needed. You can access 14 backups at any particular time directly via MyKinsta dashboard for a simple one-click restore. Also, take manual backups by just clicking a button. It is too handy if possibly you are installing something new or need to make sure you do not break anything.

Here you can even download a complete backup of WordPress website. And if you have a WooCommerce website having a large number of dynamic content, then you can use add-ons, i.e., how you can auto backup your website each hour or within six hours. Hence you don’t have to chaos with Cpanel, backup plugins, etc.

7. Price

Kinsta is one of the popular managed to host providers in the market. The company is famed for proving a solution for the small company having a small budget with a small website to the large enterprise who is looking for big space and huge traffic. The starter plan starts at $30/month to Enterprise plan with $1500/month. You can check out Kinsta web hosting plan here and two-month free if you go for a yearly plan.

And last, but not least, you can additionally pursue Kinsta Managed Hosting tips for deep understanding and to make it even better experience regarding site hosting needs.