Amazon has just released another Alexa-enabled home smart device – The Echo Show 5. It’s the third generation of its smart countertop display with a 5.5-inch diagonal display.

It has built-in far-field microphones for summoning Alexa and a 960 by 480 resolution display that shows recipes, song playlists, snippets of news, and Alexa “skills” or apps. Like the other Echo Shows, the Echo Show 5 doesn’t support YouTube, since Amazon’s recently resolved spat with the media giant only impacted Fire TV devices and didn’t extend to Echo Show.

The new Echo Show 5 looks relatively identical to the more prominent 10-inch model. The visible difference is in the screen size. An HD camera complements the HD resolution display for Skype video calls. There is a built-in camera shutter that will allow users to cover the camera when not in use easily.

Another added feature of the Echo Show 5 is what Amazon calls ‘Alexa Sunrise’ alarm. This feature will essentially brighten the display and show a sunrise animation before your alarm goes off. The feature will also be extended to the Echo Show.

The Show 5 is up for pre-order today and starts shipping in June with a $90 price tag.