Google newly added a feature for its G suite users named Gmail’s confidential mode that will launch on June 25. The G Suite updates confidential mode feature can make emails disappear and stop recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading, or printing emails.

From June 25, anyone who uses Gmail at work can switch on this “confidential mode” capability. Users can then manually set an expiry date for sensitive emails so that they evaporate from inboxes after a set time frame.

The newly added Gmail confidential mode for G Suite users adds inbuilt information rights management controls which make it possible to revoke sent messages and to add expiration dates to emails. The mode will be on by default in Google’s suite of tools for business and allows workers to set expiration dates and revoke access to emails.

To add another layer of security, you can set the message to only unlock after the recipient types in an SMS verification code that’s sent to their phone number. You’ll know that it’s active when your message window has a blue header and a warning near the bottom of the compose window that the content will be protected.

Announced in August, the confidential mode was rolled out first to personal Gmail iOS and Android apps. Though the mode bans from forwarding, downloading, printing; one can still take screenshots.