Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest memory chip maker, will provide its advanced high-performance processor to German automobile manufacturer Audi. Samsung will install its new chip in Audi’s upcoming A4 model that is all set to launch in European as per the company’s announcement.

The MIB refers to Audi’s technology, which anticipates the drivers’ needs through keeping up with the latest advancements in information and entertainment equipment of its premium models. The processor will power the new car’s Modular Infotainment Platform, which is in its third-generation, and functions as its main processing unit.

With a premium automobile brand like Audi, the driving experience is expected to be not only high performing and safe but also exhilarating – Kenny Han, vice president of Device Solutions Division at Samsung Electronics

Samsung has been a runaway leader in memory chips but the outfit has tried to reduce its dependence on the highly-volatile business by generating new revenue sources.

Samsung added that it would supply Exynos processors for Audi’s future cars as well. The supply deal will at least extend to 2021, Samsung said, as its Exynos Auto V9 will be used to power the German automobile manufacturer’s new infotainment system that is set to debut in 2021.